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How many games have you lost in a row?

I am at 11 in a row.

I was one shot in four of these games. Two games were on first turn of opp using Lock and Mage.

One game Barbarian with that Dang hammer.
One game with Archer and Fury.

The rest the typical I do not do much damage or they heal more than I can do. Last game the Priest and Barb healed to full each round. ZOINKS!

Make it 12
One shot by pally second round.

Maybe we can have four vs. ONE battles as when I keep track almost 50 percent of my gamea end by being one shot. DOUBLE ZOINKA

And win…so loss streak ends at 12!!!

My biggest loss streak is 11, my biggest win streak was 9 but then I got an overpowered bot team

FYI, after you lose 6 games in a row, the AI becomes super easy, so always go with AI if you have a choice after an extended winstreak. 4 or 5 losses should produce an AI that is challenging but beatable.

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