How many in your collection?


I have 68/100 so far, am level 10 and have gone back down to arena 1 as am desperate for trex dna even if it is only 8 per 8 hour incubator lmao.


Level 8 with 57 unlocked at the moment.
I’m in battle arena 4 and still get T-Rex DNA by the way.


67 Dinos, level 10 still no legendary. You seen to have an odd mix of fighters given some of the Dinos in your collection


I’m level 10 with 62 unlocked all high level I’m at almost 3100 trophies been here since beta though.
List is below- hopefully they load in order !


Yea legendarys are hard to get so far anyways.

Best of luck



Bro you have some nice ones unlocked

Congrats on the legendary arghhh I’m working to get my first one soon :+1: did you happen to buy a incubator or just from working on hybrid


On 2965 trophies and having to fight 2 or 3 legendary Dinos per battle. Players must be throwing loads of money into it


Thanks! From my level up one-time only deals I had enough cash to buy the legendary incubator (I wouldn’t normally purchase the cash to do it though as I think it’s too expensive).


Nice team! I’m working on my Einiasuchus hybrid too based upon your recommendation of it on here.


I’m just wondering cause I thought the incubator didn’t garentee a legendary I thought it was random dinos
Good to know thanks my friend best of luck I’m leveling my eni up again today. Coinage is most important for leveling I’m buying another 150,000 coins today and it will be gone fast lol I use for speed ups on incubators I find Dino’s bucks are good for speed ups too the faster you go thru incubators better chance of getting a free 24 hour which is the 30$ one free I’ve gotten 4-5 so far in 4 weeks :+1: they are really sweet incubators I’m working on my indominus now( hope I spelled that right) lol

Thanks and happy hunting I’m on my way to do the bus circle route to collect max coins and dino bucks and collect rare and epic DNA best way of getting it


@Idigdinos those eight are my lowest level dinos as I have gone back to arena 1😉 Every 3 fights I have I need to loose 2 and win 1 so it wont move me into arena 2 till I have had enough of level 1 incubators and want to move to a different arena.


Thought that might be the case



71 collected. I dorked out and made a whole chart in Google Docs to keep track of the ones I’ve collected and which I still need. xD I still have 7 mystery avatars but I’m aware of at least a few of them, like Blue and Indoraptor. And of the ones I haven’t collected yet, almost everything is a hybrid that I won’t be able to get until I can level up their parent dinos.


While your number dwarfs my own… I see your GSheet and raise you mine: Check out my post history.

I am even working on a battle sheet to stack rank Dino’s by level.
I’d love everyone’s help filling in blanks. It’s full unlocked and the battle sheet is coming in between work shifts.


Nice list! I definitely didn’t bother adding stats to mine. I did a column for checking off if I have the dinosaur or not, and a few columns for possible hybrids. Hybrids have their own table below the first one. I know I’m missing at least a couple off my list, but I listed every dinosaur I knew of/came across.


Im Arena 6 i don’t get T. rex out of incubators but 80% of wild epics I find are t rex