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How many levels are there?


I am in mysterious marsh lands how many more levels are there?


If you click to start the the level you’re on, you can see the total amount of levels in the zone you’re in if you look at the top of the screen.


Thank you Zach but I meant how many levels in the entire campaign


Oh. It wasn’t quite clear from your initial post ^^’ I think someone found the total number a while ago, but I do not remember it…


Thanks for your response, and sorry for it auto correcting your name in my last post


That’s okay! It happens quite often :joy:


You can join Discord, one good player has “data-mined” all of the levels in advance(if it’s still pinned there), and there used to be repeatable quests shown for them even if they weren’t available.

Off the top of my head - I think about 5 more after Marshlands. One is Highlands, where Zah and me is, and I’d dare say it’s a good place to “park”, because getting there is possible in F2P, but getting beyond there requires some moolah or time investment. Hooligan seems to top off around 1800 dragon power, if I recall ToothlessJake’s adventures correctly, and this by itself requires quite a polished endgame team.

Anything beyond that is… mostly for the people, who don’t play the game. That is - no need for repeatable content, all those “materials” and whatnot. People, who have their best team, who, theoretically, just want for the energy to regen and then blow it on a random set of tiles that would propel them past Wave 1. That’s the gameplay beyond Hooligan Highlands, at least as far as I can imagine it.

I don’t remember the name of the very last zone, but I think none of the screenshots that are scarcely posted here show it. So I’d guess about 3000-3500 power per dragon, probably requires a few revives just to clear a wave.


I’m on 12/78 in a land called “coldwind wastes.”

I’ve been on the same level (#12) for over a week now. It’s so hard and the dragons are jacked up far beyond what we can level them to.


I haven’t managed to find the level count for Barbaric Back-Country or Baneful Boglands, but most of the other data is there.


Barbaric back country was 143 and Baneful Boglands 221. Don’t remember correctly tho. I have pinned all in discord but don’t know what happened lol


Thanks. I’ll check.

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