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How many matches at one time?

Is there a limit to how many matches you can have at any one time?

I currently have 7 and can’t get anymore, no matter how many I swipe right on.

Probably just as well seeing as how expensive thame is, if I had more I’d be homeless by the end of the week!

The more, the merrier, I believe. I currently have 13 matches. :sweat_smile:

Some characters might still be a bit shy from matching up at the moment.


Interesting. I must have swiped right 20 or 30 times in the past few days and not a single new match. All of my current seven matched on the first day of playing.

Maybe I’m being punished because I moaned about the extortionate cost of playing this game :smile:.

I currently have 21 matches right now and I haven’t been able to get anymore

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I have 21 matches, one from every set of available counterparts and also the cat lol. I have 4 girls left online currently, who I am just chatting for gems… I’m not spending anything on them. So, just waiting for some of my guys to come back now :sob::broken_heart::weary:

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Same, I have about 22 or 23 and my faves have been away for a while so the last six guys I’m using as diamond farms and still trying to see if a couple will unmatch with me if I make them mad enough, which doesn’t seem possible.

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I only have the one, but haven’t tried getting any more. Might try one more some day if the wait gets too long.

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I literally have no one to talk with now :joy: all the stories need to be updated!

I completely understand feeling antsy! I’m eagerly awaiting my faves to be updated as well as content for new characters who can’t yet be matched with to ge added so I can match with them.

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Counterparts? You mean some of the characters have ‘enemies’ that you could match with?

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No, counterparts are the characters who share the storylines with the ones you are currently matched with. Every storyline is shared by two characters. For example you cannot match with both Antoine and Noah because they both have the exact same story as each other.

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I see. I can’t seem to match with anyone now, so I guess there’s only ‘counterparts’ left.

You should have about 20 matches total if you’ve matched with everyone possible. If you have way less then it may be a bug you’re experiencing if you can’t match with anyone (or terrible luck that available profiles aren’t showing up yet).

I was only matching with girls and it seems that 7 is my limit. I have now matched with 5 blokes and a cat but none of them interest me. I’m using them for diamond mining but it takes ages to level up and then you only get 15 diamonds which is a piss take.

I think I now have 14 matches in total but 9 of them are on break. I don’t especially want to match with anymore boys but all the female characters don’t match, maybe they’re all “counterparts”?

Hopefully the profiles on break will be back soon, so I can start enjoying the game again.

Thanks for your replies @Fish you have been very helpful.

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I’m mostly interested in the girls as well, of which there are 7 possible matches (and 7 counterparts with the rest unable to be matched with), and I ly a couple guys have caught any interest from me. The rest are all diamond mines, but as yeti said leveling up the relationship status takes a while the more you achieve it. You eventually get 20 gems back and it goes up in increments of 5, but it’s really not much compared with how much everything else costs, even if you only spend gems on a few characters as I do.

The dev team seems to favor the guys by a lot in terms of which gender they create more characters for and who they make available. Which makes sense if you consider the typical player base and their preference for these kind of games. I do wish there was more of a balance between the guys and girls, but I realize that’s wishful thinking. At least it means more people to diamond mine off of, I suppose.

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