How many of the dinosaurs in JWA are "real"


Not like I expect anyone to have actually seen a dinosaur, but I wonder how many of the dinosaurs featured in JWA are based on studies by paleontologists?


Google is your friend, you get more informations about your dinosaure and you see if they were real


They were all real, except those hybrids :+1:


All non-hybrids are almost really exist, and those gen2 are just different color of original ones.
But some dinos get disputation, Dracorex & Stygimoloch might be different age Pachycephalosaurus.

Also, V-raptor (also Owen’s raptor squad) & Gallimimus are based on JP series image, not Paleontology study.
Or they should covered with feathers.


Some have been exaggerated… there was a time where pyro raptor was one of the best In game. But from what I’ve read it was only ever the size of a turkey. :joy:


“Real” V-raptors are also also around that size.

And that “Velociraptor” in JP series is actually enlarged Deinonychus, not even based on Velociraptor.
Also, you might notice that Utahraptor is obviously bigger than other raptors.