How many of these dinos are real?


So having been playing JW Alive for about 2 months now, I’ve learnt all the Dino names… but was wondering how many were actual dinosaurs which existed? Would be fun to know if my new knowledge of Dinos had any “real-world” value at all :joy:

Obviously I know Stegosaurus actually existed… and hybrids such as Stegoceratops clearly didn’t… but my knowledge is limited :wink:

Any “real-life” dinosaur experts out there who can answer this?

I'm a paleontologist. Can I help rewrite the creature bios?

Im assuming anything thats not a hybrid or gen 2 is


I am 100% certain the Rolybersaurus isn’t real! :joy::joy::joy:


Whats the point of (gen 2) dinos?
It doesnt make any sense.
And about the real dinos obviously the original ones who existed.
Unlike the new crafted dinos who were made by humans by combining the two agenda together to creat a new dino with alot of unique abilities…
Thats what i know cuz i read alot about dinos.
Hope that was helpful:hugs:


If you look at your collection any dinosaur that has a purple portrait is not a real dinosaur. Everything that isn’t purple is real.


I guess not


Er … are you sure ?
Delta , Charlie , Echo , and Blue aren’t real .


They are velociraptors which is a real dinosaur. They are simply named versions.


Lol that’s like saying my German Shepherd isn’t a real one because his name is Francois! :joy::joy::joy:

And no I don’t have a German Shepherd named Francois! :joy::joy:


Well as far as I know , they each have dna from other creatures making them hybrids . Each has characteristics unique to them from the bird or creature they were spliced with .


If you want to get technical then we can say none of the dinosaurs are real because in the movie canon they splice all their DNA with other creatures to finish the genome.


Dimetrodons were not dinosaurs.


Technically a lot of the stuff in the game isn’t true dinosaurs. They are all extinct animals.


The original question asked which dinosaurs actually existed , and I’m pretty sure Owens raptors as I mentioned wouldn’t have existed . That’s all I’m saying . Triceratops , Stegasaurus , TRex etc… would have done .
I’m fully aware that raptors would have existed , but not those four as the laboratory specifically made them with other dna from other beasts .


Except the Rolybersaurus! He is single and ready to mingle! Looking for a Barbarasuchus at the moment! :sauropod::heart:


If your German Shepherd came from a mating between a Labrador and a German Shepherd , would it still be a German Shepherd ? No … and those four raptors have the dna from other dinosaurs added to them , so they aren’t pedigree either , and wouldn’t have existed back then . :roll_eyes:


Jeez it was a joke! :wink::wink::wink:


Oh my gosh man. Your answers are literally just being confrontational. It has nothing to do with the OPs post. The question has been answered.


Ah I see , so your post saying everything that hasn’t got a purple background is real is the answer to the op . Ok then , sorry for questioning your post . I didn’t realise I was being confrontational by suggesting you may be mistaken .


They’re all real my friends. Well in my mind they are so don’t go ruining it for me.