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How many of you want a chat in the raid lobby?

Hi there fellow players,
I have thinking of better coordination in a raid.
I just thought of how will it be if there’s a chat in the raid lobby. Ofcourse according to me and some other players that’ll be a lot help in dino selection and move discussion and a lot more like that to build a solid team and coordinate to win.
I guess you all will love to have it. And so I request Ludia to plz add this feature in the upcoming updates.
Thank you!!


me (((10)))

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OH yes, please! At the very least it will allow us to coordinate our dinos to speed things up. I usually just wait for everyone to select their dinos before I choose mine since I’ve unlocked almost everyone of them and my Toura/Dilorach/Tenonto are viable at L24 unboosted even at Mortem.

I avoid chats in games. You never learn anything. It’s just adults acting like children and children being one giant hormone uncontrolled by parents. I am very new. I am very intimidated by the really pro players. I like playing games but in my experiences in online gaming even mods couldn’t keep their chat in check ultimately become more expensive keeping the chat in check rather then the game. Put everything you got in graphics and detail if I had a say.

Hey there,
I would like to ask or suggest or whatever, to @Ludia_Developers to add a raid lobby chat which will be incredibly useful for everyone so that they co-ordinate between raid mates who are non-alliance mates.
I want this to taken into consideration for the next update :slightly_smiling_face:. Plz that will really help many out there.

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Yes yes YES! Chat in the raid screen would be SO HELPFUL!!!

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Yesss!!! I’ve been saying this ever since the raids started! Neer to be able to coordinate with your team… some guys just know which dinos work better and it be helpful to allow Those players to speak up in the raid lobby. Please Lydia if u read the suggestions at all this is the ONE THING YOU NEED to make happen

My aliance has a Discord group, and there we have a chat channel for raids.

Well, we still have problems in the normal chat, after all this time. I dont think raid chat would work :smiley:

I’ve been saying it from the start that we need chat in Raid lobby, and even during the raid itself…
But a lobby chat would be a start, would prevent a lot of unneccessary shuffling :expressionless:

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me ((((((10101010))))))))
plz dont flag

I get a raid invite while I’m not in game already. Two options: go in blind and hope everyone’s on the same page or leave lobby to read up on what the funky strat of the day is in alliance chat. Can’t count the number of times when it’s obvious we need a certain kind of dino (distract/shield/heal/shatter) and the leader presses go because he’s tired of waiting for everyone to shuffle the correct dino’s in.

An alternative to raid chatroom is that you get to view your teamates’ inventory and you can suggest a creature for your teamate

This is an amazing suggestion because not everyone wants to use an out of game chat channel like discord or share their information with their whole alliance. It’s just easier to at least make a way to set up teams and recommend how teams should be set up instead of having us choose with out gut and being frustrated that the only way to talk to our teammate is to leave the lobby and talk to them in the alliance chat. Like SSRARE said, at least an alternative is to view their inventory and suggest a dinosaur. Maybe even have quick chat and say, we need healers, we need distractors.

Just my opinion if they’re going to keep adding more raids.

Most importantly while you swap out to apps like Discord or whatever you use, the raid lobby bugs out and the raid will not go so smooth, it gets stucking hard. So that’ll be fine if there’s an in-lobbby chat.

NO!!! Said no one ever.

What do you mean? Can you be more clear plz :wink:?