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How many of you want a chat in the raid lobby?

Hi there fellow players,
I have thinking of better coordination in a raid.
I just thought of how will it be if there’s a chat in the raid lobby. Ofcourse according to me and some other players that’ll be a lot help in dino selection and move discussion and a lot more like that to build a solid team and coordinate to win.
I guess you all will love to have it. And so I request Ludia to plz add this feature in the upcoming updates.
Thank you!!


me (((10)))

OH yes, please! At the very least it will allow us to coordinate our dinos to speed things up. I usually just wait for everyone to select their dinos before I choose mine since I’ve unlocked almost everyone of them and my Toura/Dilorach/Tenonto are viable at L24 unboosted even at Mortem.

I avoid chats in games. You never learn anything. It’s just adults acting like children and children being one giant hormone uncontrolled by parents. I am very new. I am very intimidated by the really pro players. I like playing games but in my experiences in online gaming even mods couldn’t keep their chat in check ultimately become more expensive keeping the chat in check rather then the game. Put everything you got in graphics and detail if I had a say.