How many players have quit playing or lost inspiration, after boosts took over the game?

Hey Folks,

Since the introduction of the boosts, there have always become a huge disussion.

The questions:

  • How many players have quit the game or stopped playing since boosts become such a big part of the playing?

  • How many pontential players have Ludia missed to inspire with boosts being a thing in the game?

  • How many players have lost the purpose to go out and hunt dna, when they later find that their dna is just useless in the arena?


If they quit the game and are still lurking the forums they have bigger issues :laughing:


I stopped doing the arena as a direct result of boosts. Then I stopped darting so much as a direct result of not doing arena.

Mental health improved tho.


I like boosts a lot actually they give so much variety without them it would become very stale quickly


Well,you will never know the answer but i will try to answer:

1-A lot,i probably can’t give you a number,but someone after 1.7 had shown me the users of JWA,it have fall from this time.
If i remember correctly,before 1.9,the users have been divided by 2.
Sadly,i don’t know any programme which can say how much we are to play the game today and to know the real evolution.

In my country (France),All youtubers ,all forums and almost everyone have drop the game.
It became VERY rare to see a french people playing it .

2-Answer is a lot :But the issue don’t really come from health and damage boost,it had come from speed boost which have destroy the logic of the game ,you know “making a T-rex faster than a velociraptor”.
things have certainly been minimized with the introduction of boosts 2.0, but the game will not experience any development as long as we can exploit such an inconsistency.

In addition, the boosts were too long almost inaccessible (when you needed 100 boosts but you only earned 5 of each kind per day), things have been reduced, it’s less worse, you can get 10 per day, and 25 in a weekly incubator. But ludia took too much time to react properly and they lost a lot of clients.
Just on the forum, the two people I liked the most have deserted: Tuco and raven

3-Getting useless DNA have nothing really to do with boosts,that have to come with the balance of the game,which is a bit predictable (example of overboosted ardentis which get a huge nerf 1 update after,or buffing gemini to nerf his damage the patch after)or sometimes completly random (nerf apatosaurus ,ankylosaurus G2,koolabourgiana…)
But by experience,the sames DNA remain useless since the beginning of the game (All birds basically,deers,counter attackers,pterovexus …) while some others had their chance


Six that I know of.

To put it in perspective.
This has been the worst reset for me in a very long time.
I haven’t been this low in a year:

BUT I am still somehow top 3k players.
Three months ago when I would hang around 5400 Trophies, I was top 5k, so a few thousand of the people above 5k trophies have left

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Old, tired news. Nowadays, I like boosts. They make the arena more fun and interesting. Without them, the game would be an endless “skill” tournament. No thank you.


The bigger question is:


I found a new perspective on gaming.

So I don’t play i higher arenas, in this slugheterfest.

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Ooo a dropper! I like you.

Thanks for sharing.

This is actually a good way to ser some kind of unofficiell statistics.

How do you experience the game?

Why don’t you have any incubators?

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I try to stay at 6969 rank, but it’s tough to keep it steady

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How do you mean?

I use all my DNA and enjoy to change my team more often. It gets me motivated.

To play to ”win” is my old self.

When the mechanics of the game diden’t alow free players to be in the top, the game changed.

To stay in the top requier a lot of investments ($$$)

You must have dropped pretty far from the “slaughterfest” to enjoy the game again. Do you use your top dinos in those lower arenas still?

Thanks for a good topic.

What you say is a very important aspect of gaming.

To have a reliable fan base with passionated players, in social media, and having a good dynamic is crucial for having a winning game!

When I started to play in 2018 I really, I mean REALLY thought JWA would become a new kind of Pokémon.

What I always missed is a larger community. And with the months passing, more and more players seems to quit. (Look statistic member posted in the topic)

If players can’t stay passionated and blogs don’t update, and players don’t share strategies or discussions about how to build a good deck of dinos – the game dies in it self.

I see your point.

What I mean is that some dinos never see the arena. As I look at it, some dinos have a to large gap between ordinary level and boosted level in the arena.

Players with a dino level 20, not boosted, meets a dino level 23 but boosted. This difference is bot just 3 levels. It could be totaly 5 levels or 8 levels, because of boosts.

But its true. The stats of the dino is more important. If the game can’t offer more playable dinos, the and become stagnant. And in this way more players keep boosting same dinos as before, to a much stronger creature.

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No. I’m a honest and fair player.

I play at level 47xx right now.
When I will climb up again, I use dinos in the same range as everyone else.

Its sad to see level 30 Tryko on bench.
I regrett leveling up all those dinos :frowning:

I should have stayed in lower arenas from start.


I am almost lazy enough to stay at 4499 and lose a couple matches on purpose for the free bot bottle. But of course I can’t use 30 Thor, cuz that’s no fun.

No incubators because Matchmaking and rng is awful and I lost 12 battles in a row. :woman_shrugging:

I got so annoyed that I rage quit because it shouldn’t take 10+ battles to get a DBI

I like the boost system.

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