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How many players in the depot that don’t run a tryko, thor, or dio?

Just curious if there are any players who don’t use any of these three in the depot (or even in the library)?


I don’t really use any of them cus I have stronger, And more useful dinos

Can I see your team?

That’s awesome! I wish more players had your mentality

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 5.38.01 PM

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Lvl 28 Mortem already? Damn. Wild

I Have 290 Mortem DNA

Hmm not what I was expecting tbh I run Tryko and Dio and they are some of my favorite creatures to play. I don’t like the sauropods, so they are my go-to Resilients.

I just picked my favorite creatures! But Imma update my team later

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And you are in the depot with this team? I hope we get a chance to battle then because it would be fun to see a total change of dinos other than the same 8 that I face 95% of the time.

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Like I Said, Im updating my team

I’m at 50/200 for level 29 also. I did cater the boosting on Morty more for raid usage though, otherwise I would have nitro-attack boosted so I could one shot Thor’s. But with this build I tend to be faster than most dio’s or tryko’s. The real mvps are lux and dilo on my team

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Kind of what I’m going for. My favorite designs/play styles. Some are “meta” but I probably won’t get rid of the majority of them if things change anyway. I’m pretty much only open to an Alloraptor Super-Hybrid at this point.

Lux and Magnus are looking to be beasts, which is why I’m bulking my Grypolyth so much atm lol

just looking at these 2 teams makes me kinda jealous. nowhere near depot and i wish i had lv 28-30s.

I like the alloraptor but it’s so tough to level up cuz that allo g2 dna is hard to come by unless steadily fipping in the sancs. And since I’m on the goal of keeping all my dinos at level 20 or higher, I always have to FIP the new ones

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I find mono and sarco way more problematic than tryko and dio… let people use the creatures that they want…
At the end of the day is just a game…

I actually haven’t focused on my arena team, other than lux and Morty in over 6 months. Was focused on all dinos being level 20 or higher and once I got that achieved, then it was epic and rare tournament teams. Mine are pretty good, enough to place in the top 25-75 in advantage tournaments but still not what some of the beast teams the top 10 have

highest lv ii have is morty at 26 (almost 27. need up to 2 more weeks)
i want all my superhybrids up to 26 (or at least the most useful ones) before i work on bringing up anything else.