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How Many Teams Will Reach T10 (May Anniversary Tourney)?

Wanted to provide some visuals to show how the pool of medals got reduced from the frustration of players not liking the skills tournament in week 3 of the current Alliance Championships where the new 20/40 went into effect. The outcome of this Alliance Championship if this system is to continue is most likely only 1-2 teams will be able to maintain their buffer into the final week and finish with T10 rewards.

Prior to the start of the 3rd week skills tourney, about a dozen teams were on T10 pace for the 5 week tourney. The new 20/40 system knocked half of these teams down under T10 pace and many other alliances are barely holding above T10 pace as many alliance points were lost via bottlenecking and limited pool of medals to gain from since the majority gave up and stop doing the tourney.

The following images can be seen via leaderboard history in your tournament history page:

Week 1 usual tourney 30/30, top score reached 2140, bottom 500, 1305

Week 2 boost shuffle tourney 30/30, top score reached 2410, bottom 500, 1390

Week 3 40/20 or 20/40 system, top score reached 1644, bottom 500 1142

A simple comparison of the top/low end will show you that you didn’t need as much to be in the top500 compared to before mostly because it got harder to achieve such numbers. In terms of how many teams can maintain T9 or even T10 pace will be reduced as the drop from 2000+ to 1644 means more teams top contributors are gaining less medals so as stated this is a bottleneck in effect due to more players having difficulty climbing and with the fewer medals in the pool it was just RNG all day long throughout the weekend.

Suggestion to resolve the tourney has been proposed and awaits for the general consensus or review by the HQ: Simple Trophy / Tournament Solution / Favors More T9 Teams