How many times am I expected to Brawl?

I’d like to complain, or at least vent, about one particular Daily Duty. “Defeat 3 _____ Dragons in Brawl”. Thankfully it seems rare, but this is the second time I’ve just flat out given up doing it after Brawling 6-10 times with no progress. I mean that. I finished two Chief Packs, took a break, and came back to bash my head against that wall another 3 times. Over a half dozen fights, not a single dragon with the needed typing appearing on the opposing teams. It’s maddening to have a Duty that the player has no real agency in completing.

I understand that this game isn’t in active development any longer, and that this Duty is probably an old one. But please, consider retiring it or… I don’t know, really, what else can be done. Have more team variety in the AI teams? I’ve noticed they’re often loaded with dragons whose tokens are newly available in the current Arena which is likely the primary cause of this headache.

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