How many times do we have to complain about the matchmaking

I’ve dropped probably 200 trophies today because someone with an overboosted T Rex with raptor speed beat everything on my team with one shot, couple that with the fact that every battle I go into I fight creatures at a minimum 3 levels higher than the highest leveled creature on my team. If the trophies received/ lost at the end of the match are determined by skill why am I losing nearly 40 trophies when I lose and about 30 when I am actually able to win

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it’s an endless cycle: Ludia changed matchmaking because people complained about arena droppers (it was fixed)
Then level 30 team players complained about not being in the top 500 anymore and hated the players with level 24-25 teams reaching the high 500 and Ludia changed it again in 1.8.
level 30 team players are rejoiced again, but arena dropped are back, so we are right back at the start again.
However, I bet there are still some high level players in the low trophy count that still need to pass the lower level players in the rankings.
We just have to see how it plays out again and if Ludia is going to change it yet again or is going to keep it this way.


I came here to post this. Good game.

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As many times as it takes until they get it right.


Huh? What cha mean?

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I wanted to post that gif, but you did first :yum:

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The problem with what this game does is drive people into funneling all their resources into their 8 best dino’s which is what I did on my primary account. That’s the problem. I’m sick of playing those 8 that I have and well over boosted just to remain in the same trophy range. I change out to one or two other unboosted dino’s and I’ll go into a trophy free fall.

I’m contemplating arena dropping down to my 2nd account level so I can play with all kinds of creatures.

My 2nd account has 48 creatures in the level 14 to 16 range with 34 decent to good ones I can interchange out without causing a loosing streak. I generally don’t play the same team more than 3 times before changing out some to all of my team. I play all long necks. I play all bleeders. I play all immune. I don’t quite have enough for all types but I find mixing all the types on a team works the best.

Don’t get caught up in thinking you need to level up a team and level up in arenas. That’s a trap. Make as many creatures as you can and play them all. Keep it fresh and keep it interesting. Stay in the 15 to 20 range. The top arenas are a monotonous same old creatures over and over and over and it gets same same same deja vu battles. I’m not even doing any PvP at all right now on my primary account.

I complained about droppers.

I championed the suggestion that arenas themselves have a max level dino upper limit ( as did others)

The community overwhelmingly responded by suggesting overly complicated algorithms to match make off of. So they could use thier ridiculously higher than team dino.

Well they got it now they are complaining.

On my end match making is good and my trophy climb is showing it.


The way i see it is, let trophies determine the matchmaking. Over time naturally you will find your place on the leaderboard. Whether 10023th or 250th.

Droppers are a problem and putting a cap on what they can use in each arena would be interesting except in the current situation, a lot of players would be stuck where they are given they were kicked down.

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Trophies did determine matches …m it sucked you had to battle Dino’s 8 to 10 levels higher than you.

And now that it’s evened out a bit the high end players are pitching a fit over being matched against 30s when they are only level 28s or 26 … That’s at most 4 levels.

Or they are complaining about my opponent has 1k more trophies than me … Yes we were evenly matched but he had way more trophies how was this a fair fight. Boo hoo.

Before boosts, such matches were at least fun and you got good trophies for winning and little downside to losing except 10 trophies and a bruised ego.

I dun mind losing to someone 1000 trophies above me if the game didnt then dock 50 trophies from me. Evenly matched but the system deems me to be far superior to the opponent.

How many matches have been sure loses and yet you lost insane amounts of trophies. That is the problem with power based matchmaking and trophy allocation. You get very bad outcomes.

People ask why am I being matched with this overpowered opponent. It happened in 1.7 and now its happening again. That is the nature of PvP games. The matchmaking is unbalanced due to having imperfect pairings. Not every player will be available at all times to battle. So you cant always battle someone truly your power level.

The boosts messed up the algorithm more.

Again different games y’all at the top are having that issue.

We at the bottom had that issue.

Cuz sure as shooting you used to lose to a 10 level higher opponent and you’d lose big numbers of trophies 30 plus a pop.

Back then.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder how the matchmaking actually works.

In the image below, you can see I have 3409 arena points. That is the highest I have been since the tournament started. I spent the bulk of the last week between 3120 and 3340.

Notice that out of my last 23 matches, 19 of them have a higher score than me and only four are below my current (highest) score. In other words, it is most likely that I have not fought anyone of a lower level out of the last 23 matches.

The toughest player I fought has about 500 more points than I have now. These players have Thors and Indoraptors and heavily boosted level 22-24 dinos. I have yet to unlock a single unique.

Now… I do give them a run for their money and try to make it hard for them to win, but I am usually so outmatched that I need to get my DBI one or two kills at a time. Despite this, I have still managed to climb up through the ranks.

Now… 19 of 23 opponents have higher scores than me, who are the lucky players that face 19 of 23 opponents who are weaker than them? …and how do I get on that list?

Ooouuuuhhhhhh you said a dirty word!

They flagged you big surprise.

The champion of Champions…lol…

The problem isn’t with arena droppers its it the algorithm they are using.

And your opponents arent really that terrible. 400 is still pretty high but not as bad as 800 trophies more. This is just going to keep having a ripple down affect. Players with level 25-29 dinos going backwards and you soon face teams of them if the dont change the matchmaking. Everyone in lower arenas will feel like people are dropping but they really arent they are just being pushed down.

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But here is the thing … How much boost in performance do trophies give to your dinosaurs?

Sorry that doesn’t make any sense to me.