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How many Toothless trust points can one get in total from exploration?

I have noticed that exploration no longer provide toothless trust points for me. It becomes runes again. But I still need 300 more trust points to get another one to train my toothless to 5s. Maybe it’s because I get to know about sending email to claim the trust points too late so I have missed too much?

I heard about sending email to claim trust points too late so I didn’t get the points. But I suppose it should be automatically detect if one has gotten enough points and change the reward if one has enough copies of toothless. If it just change the reward at a certain point, either one gets too many or too few.

They made it so you can get a total of 1000 trust points for toothless in exploration. (And the rest you’d have to get via his event or arena shop)


Well from when I start taking screen shots for the plot I have gotten 19*50 trust points (may have miscount one or two), at that point I was about to see shellfire for the first time. I recall I still got some before I do that. So you’re saying they just move the points forward?

I checked to see how much you can get and seems I was wrong its not 1000, but 2000 total that you can get in exploration (the last stage you can get trust points for toothless in is Blistering Badlands stage 7/89 i think)

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Hey, Wodensfang,

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Oh i see, so for those who already had advanced quite far into the story the trust points were moved forward. (it ended in badlands for me but for newer players it’ll end a lot more early.)

If we already have a fully trained Toothless, we should receive a different reward. What am I going to do with hundreds of trust points???

If you continue advancing in Exploration and earning Toothless trust points eventually Toothless will stop appearing in Exploration.

This is just another example of the development team failing to fix the myriad of bugs with the game.