How many Top 500 or Amber Club Players Are Quitting?

Due to the boost reset and the Amber Club failing to do one of their “perks” for members, how many big spenders are quitting or have you lost from your team?

The perk being the one where your personal representative is to notify you FIRST of upcoming events etc so that you’re ahead of the game.

Apparently these Amber Club representatives have failed their “most valuable customers” by failing to inform them of this reset and also not supporting these big spenders with helping them out on the boost the just deboosted.

A few people I know had deboosted fully maxed creatures that of course were max level as well. This cost these players a couple hundred or hundreds of dollars or real money in boost. Some of these were deboosted that morning or the night before.

Had these “best customers” been made aware of such a large event ahead of time they would have, I don’t know, waited until the reset to deboosted?

Once support as well as their personal representatives were notified of these players finding out through public post and not through amber club, they were very upset. What did these personal amber club representatives have to say? “Oh sorry about that I was just about to tell you. I’m sorry there is nothing I can do to help you with refunding your boost.”

So great way to support YOUR Largest supporters. These guys are SO special to Ludia that they were offered to be in the Amber Club and then were let down, shut down, turned down, and disrespected.

Very sad and poor customer service. How does this hurt Ludia to refund these big spenders their boost they had just lost because they weren’t informed of it before hand as promised? They’re giving everyone the free boost reset at full but your most dedicated players aren’t allowed to get some SUPPORT?

Shame shame shame.

I’m glad I don’t spend money and support these guys.


It’s disgusting… well said Phil


It is ludia.
What did they expect?
And btw…
Who ask a 50% refund of the boosts?
They are hard enough to get…i prefer to wait 2 years to a boost reboot than sacrifice even 1 boost.


Astonishing. But not altogether surprising, is it?


What is this amber club?

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What’s more astonishing is that this is a surprise to anyone at this point. The whole idea behind the amber club is one of the most absurd things I’ve seen in gaming ever. Personalized customer support to our biggest spenders. As a reward you can now have good customer service.

Like good customer service should be a priority for any company not just your big spenders. Their are other ways to reward big spenders other then hey you get great customer service Monday through Friday. But no weekend customer service cause we don’t work weekends.

Games revenue is dropping… amber club is just one of those things to try to push it back up.


Ludia is adrift. They don’t know how to do it anymore, they try to listen (at last and we can attribute this recent effort to them) but their solutions are worse than the initial flaws.

Whether it’s for boost redeem, reset, or different rewards in raids, the whole community has mobilized and suggested many solutions. Ludia thinks they can do better and always comes up with a catastrophic idea to rectify the situation. Instead of doing things clean and fair for all players, Ludia only adds frustration and deliberately hurts some of her consumers.

Amber club or not, Ludia’s “customer service” just don’t deserve that name…

The one and only best thing that could happen to Jwa would really be if the game was bought out by another company that understands that customer satisfaction is the most solid vector of a good business.


My someone is bitter.

I feel if you are a big roller, why are you doing refund option. Buy more boosts to top up the boosts locked in another creature.

You are after all a high roller no?


You do realize the op in this thread is f2p and plays entirely unboosted right?


So how does that affect him? Stirring the pot to make players more angry over an issue that seems to be between Ludia and some of its players. None of which is him. He is free to play so doesnt high roll and plays unboosted so boosts are meaningless to him.

I find it funny players just upset that their bad decisions have consequences and they blame others.


You didn’t even bother to read the first paragraph in this thread or you wouldn’t need to ask those questions.

I find it funny when people hop into a thread and throw accusations around without actually understanding what’s being said.


Seems a bit much…

Still doesnt concern him. Players come and players go. If a high roller leaves over small issues then maybe it’s a good thing. Get a good FTP player who isn’t so immature.

Didn’t he start the rumour about the Boost Shuffle like 1 week after 2.1 dropped. So that is worse no? His players knew it was coming and still refunded their boosts and now are upset.


To be fair, I don’t think he’s mad on behalf of himself. Like you said it doesn’t affect him much. He’s just being a good alliance leader and advocating for those in his alliance that got badly burned by this which I understand. Though not sure the tone is gonna get him anywhere with Ludia (not that anything really would ha)


I get why he is angry but he has to ask is it a reasonable reason to make a fuss?

I lost 2 members too after 2.1 due to Ardent being gutted. So I was pissed. So the number of threads posted.

The announcement of Boosts Shuffle was within the last week and rumours of it were swirling within a week of 2.1 dropping so I feel blaming Ludia for not giving advanced notice on what was already rumored days after the offending update is a little harsh.

I saw the rumours and Ludia’s new policy of listening and decided to see what happens. We could see 2.2 have a Boost Shuffle for all we knew at that point. Now we have 1 so good.

Ludia has been more receptive to feedback for good or for bad but slapping them down when they do better but not perfect is unfair.

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No I did not start the rumor of a boost shuffle or whatever you’re speaking of.

I am free to play. I don’t boost arena dinos.

It affects me because one of my amber club top 500 players quit today because of poor customer service. He’s supposed to have the personal support guy for being one of the ones paying Ludia salary and he gets no more than a “sorry bud, I’ll still be here for you.” From his rep. What is that? Meanwhile everyone gets to reboost for free. It’s wrong.

I also almost lost another top 500 amber club player over it.

Maybe if enough people complain, Ludia can see that it’s messed up to treat your top spenders so unprofessionally and ungrateful.

How does it affect me?

My friends quit the game, it hurts our alliance, and our community that we have. It lowers moral and puts negativity in the air. When big players quit it’s not good.

My alliance isn’t one of these big well known teams that have been around. But I’ve built my team from it being myself and my girlfriend over a year ago. Since then we’ve come a long way. Back to back top 3 alliance championship finishes and a top 3 current position with some top 10 positions too. I’m proud of my alliance and what we’ve accomplished. When I lose top good players and friends I’m not happy. I’m not out real money like these guys but I’m out a darn good player.

So I’m stirring the pot to see how others feel and who else may quit or has quit and is still on the forum. He didn’t quit because of a nerf. He unboosted his fully boosted creature that was nerfed. Then afterwards Ludia gives the boost back free but won’t refund his that he literally just did before the announcement. He should have received a heads up about it first as he keeps the lights on in their building.


I understand it sucks to lose key members i lost a few. Some left over really dumb reasons.

As someone who does pay to support Ludia, i would say my expectation for Ludia to make such decisions that could affect what I paid for is dun do it too extremely.

Ardent is the best example. I bought boosts, paid for DNA and use VIP to build it to a beast. Now Ludia crushed it to bits. That would be 1 strike. Removing boosts completely from a dino at the con man rates offered and then blaming Ludia for not telling me earlier when they could have made the decision maybe a few hours earlier is a bit unreasonable.

I built my own alliance too and I lost many key members over really bad decisions by Ludia. But we moved on and found members to groom to replace them.


I understand and we do find new people. That’s not always the problem. It just sucks when you lose people you have played with and got to know and stuff.

Sure there isn’t ever a perfect time reset or whatever as someone will always just have unboosted or whatever. The thing is though that these people in this club should have the extra special treatment. A heads up that later this week we will reset boost for free would be better than finding out with everyone else.

I believe the decision to have this Shuffle was made hours b4 it was announced. I dunno how true but I heard rumours that Ludia was taken aback by the backlash over Ardent this scrambled to find a solution. There was a thread within a week of 2.1 dropping on this.

Not sure the heads up would have been timely enough. At least not for your member at least.