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How many Top 500 or Amber Club Players Are Quitting?

I agree it isn’t very good customer service not to give the promised heads up but I also don’t think they could refund boosts to Amber Club members and not other players - the forum would go up in flames if word of that got out. I also agree with arugono that I don’t think there was much of a window between the decision and the announcement.

A boost reset of some sort was always on the cards (and I think we will see them more often now a shuffle event is a thing) - impatience has a price - in all likelihood I will be switching Max for Gem but there is no way I was deboosting it at 50%.

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Sure the forum or whatever may go up in flames over amber club receiving some boost back they had just deboosted.

But royalty always gets special treatment. These people didn’t ask to be amber club, Ludia gave it to them. It’s supposedly invite only. Ludia recognizes these people as loyal and dedicated players and as the ones who support them the most. However when these people ask for support it’s very poor to say the least.

If these people aren’t going to receive special treatment they shouldn’t be promised a heads up and stuff.

So a guy who spent thousands is no longer playing because he lost a few hundred dollars. Small amount in the large pool he spent but with the fact of poor customer service and unappreciated support he left. I explained how he was basically throwing everything he had invested away etc. he didn’t care or was the principle of their actions that made him quit.

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I get what the issue is here.

Paying players keep the game alive for free to play players and it’s absolutely right that they should get better treatment than those who don’t pay.

So for them not to be told first of free a boost reset weekend is appalling communication.

Surely a simple email from Ludia to the Amber Club members as soon as the decision was made would have been a simple way to do it?

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I tried joining and it said I wasn’t old enough despite me being well past the required age limit

Not old enough = don’t pay enough lol


I think you missed the point that reql money was lost. Whether you are rich or struggle financially, you should be able to show an ounce of compassion to those who realize just how important their money is. They could have spend it anywhere else… on any other game, but they chose to spend it on JWA. Any smart reputable business will value and appreciate that. Beyond that… there is no point in addressing your comments further really.

Free to play or Amber club is honestly irrelevant to some of the biggest issues here. I sent an email to support on behalf of a few of our members because their failure to make good decisions and execute a plan is poor. They were upset and not only lost valuable game resources but their invaluable time it took to collect them. Still no reply though. Others got one but not me.

Some may not agree but a person’s time is the most valuable thing they can offer. Time and time again I have suggested to Ludia that they respect the features of the game that involve our time to grow them. You don’t need me to tell you all but you can’t get your time back. Just look at social media companies. Their entire business model that has made them the richest company’s in the world are souly based on manipulating us to give their our time and attention. Usually this is what causes people to jump ship…

Anyway… basic moral business practices in question here…

  • Equality.
    Surprise events should be fair across the board to all players. Something that can cause loss for some and gain for others is not an event that should be a surprise. They should have done the boost reset at the time of the update or left it alone. That was the only fair option to ALL players.

  • Loyalty/appreciation.
    As mentioned, their money does not need to be spent on JWA. If you stonewall your customers too much, they will walk away. Piss poor business model… Too many company’s refuse to show their customer base the loyalty they need to keep them. Fact of the matter is… loyalty is a thing of the past. Customer bases have become revolving doors because of this business mind set. Its unfortunate. Businesses don’t care to show loyalty to their customers anymore because they know a new one is just around the corner. They don’t care if they join for long, just that they spend some money during that time.

Honestly, I’ve had this talk with Ludia support so many times I’m too angry writing this to continue. Lol.

Just bad customer service all around.

Shame on Ludia.


Bang on @L_K. Time is money. Too many companies are guilty of not showing respect to their customers, and Ludia has shown time and time again that they are not interested in keeping valued customers. So they don’t value their customers. Only money. Which is sad.
This is not a new game. They should have worked out how to do things by now, but time and time again, the number one complaint is a lack of communication. If Ludia could be held accountable, they would have been fired by now.

F2P or not, there is no defence of the way Ludia treats its customers.


So true.

Strong Suits

  • Ability to pump out new features
  • Talented visual designers


  • Inconsistent
  • Less focused on perfecting existing features
  • Poor communication
  • Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes
  • No accountability
  • Inhuman customer service approach

Compassion for players who chose to use a feature we all know is a con job and are shocked they missed the boat by days.

Should we pity players who chose to boost the wrong creatures and make bad decisions? What about exploiters? Oops, I boosted wrong can I have a free reset? Oops I did it again.

Ludia has done the right thing so far. It has done a Boost Shuffle its a pity players choose to let themselves be conned by the honestly horrible refund system but we shouldnt always helicopter in and protect them from the consequences of their errors.

I have wasted a lot of money of Premium rando incs and would like my money back but I accept that I made a mistake and have to live with it.

Ludia has bad communication but recently they are listening to the player base. The outcomes are of course going to be non-ideal since everyone has different ideas of what should be done.

their recent update is in my opinion totally wrong in direction but many players love it. Some are PTS some are FTP so who should be listened to? The PTS who want a certain change or the PTS who want other changes?


This is the company that has extra sales listed as a “Perk” of VIP, are you really surprised that a company that charges you to actually PAY them done this lol

Edit: Btw I agree with the OP, the company has done a number of questionable things in my time here, so it’s best to call it out so it doesn’t happen again.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease!


You missed the mark again. Lol. You have twisted a fairly simple thing into some big player conspiracy. No one is taking advantage, they have been taken advantage of.

There are far less “oopsies” than actual logical descisions to try to fix their teams as a result of the constant buffs and nerfs happening to dinos. Ludia has never ran an event like this before so you would not expect it and be forced to refund if necessary.

Anyways, I hope one day you value the things I mentioned above. Considering it is what our ability to live in today’s society is directly related to.

I can’t say much more than I already have here. All of my points remain the same.

I like what you said at the end though. At some point, when does a company who wishes to have their product thrive long term start making better decisions for the product over all? They are supposed to be experienced in the field. I’m certainly not going to take advice from someone about my dog if they don’t understand dogs. Lol.

Many people are experienced in customer service. whether we worked in the field or received it. We all have experience with customer service one way or another. This argument is about the poor service we are receiving. I think as the consumer we know when we receive good or bad service. This is what this is about.

Being complacent and just saying “oh well” isn’t the answer to an ongoing issue. Yes, we all have to do that from time to time and pick our battles, but that is not a good thing when faced with a consistent issue like this. We want to break the cycle here, because Ludia is abusing our patience.

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So true! I heard something the other day… I’m going to butcher it but it was something along the lines of…

Criticism is the only sure thing that can force change.

Something like that! Anyway, if we don’t continue to speak up and call them on mistakes, they won’t fix them. Not that they do anyway but… one can hope. Lol.




Poor service means listening to feedback and making decisions that majority wanted regardless of how bad the decision is?

Look at 2.0. How much of the changes are due to “good” service? Ludia is listening. If you are just expecting perfection then you are being unfair.

I dun like this new Ludia because it is weak and caters to the mob but I can adapt.

We had 2 Boost Resets in the past and there were rumblings of a Boost Reset 1 week into 2.1. So it would be prudent to see Ludia’s next move rather than be rash.

When should customers take responsibility for their own use of the product? If you are angry because Phorus got nerfed or Ardent is still hopeless, fine. It is all Ludia and its new listen to the player base phase. Expecting Ludia to say we are going to have a Shuffle when things have not been firmed up and possible to do 1 week after a new update is a bit unreasonable.

I can see Ludia is trying and I applaud them for it. As for the lack of comms, I really dun need a fixed response like cannot comment or we have no info.

I will and have held them accountable for their horrible decisions and given suggestions. Things have gotten better for the playerbase over the last 3 months, not much for me since everyone is getting a chance to reboost and reconfig their teams every 1 to 2 months.


There is an error in the code for the date of birth box, try switching day and month.

If they will do such stupid tournament and boost resets like this week i will think about it to quite the game.

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I am part of the Amber Club and due to this boost reset/no penalty refund, i have cancelled my VIP and have vowed to spend not one more dime on this game (despite wanting to get the coins they have on sale now). My issue is not with not knowing the boost reset was going to happen, although i was informed by Ludia’s message board, not my Amber Club representative, but with the fact that i had 89 boosts and 1.5 million coins spent the day of 2.2 on 3 common creatures to get them fully boosted, and lo and behold, the moment i finally get a chance to use them, they decide to finally listen to the populus and give a boost reset during the entirety of an advantage tournament. I should be in #1 spot on the tournament, i know these people i am playing against did not have fully boosted tuijongas and purrolyths, whereas a majority of my team was boosted to the levels they were. And because of that, i"m stuck in 25th place, which is a great degree less in rewards for those that are thinking well 25th is a bad place to be in. But if you look at those 89 boosts and 1.5 million coins that i spent for absolutely no reason at all and could have been used on better things throughout this entire 2.2 update since we were going to get a boost reset anyways, by Ludia’s prices for coins and boosts, it equates to over $3000.00. Will they refund me my 3 grand, of course not. Instead, they lost all future revenue stream from me. Their choice, not mine.

Thanks for your comment especially being one of their members.

So what you did is what I suggested to some of my amber club people and friends.

Don’t quit the game over money lost on the ones you deboosted just now because you’re throwing ALL your money away that you’ve invested the whole time. Instead hit them where it hurts and stop paying and just play with the money you have already spent. You’re still going to do far better than the rest.

I’m sure you have a good team but if not or you’re lookin to change apparently I will have some spots opening up. My team is Timmy What Is It.


To be honest, I feel the sense of entitlement is quite huge from supposed high rollers. I mean I pay my fair share and have entire rants on what Ludia is doing wrong. Ludia has listened to the player base and now that has become again a problem because now other players who have views and opinions are unhappy.