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How many Top 500 or Amber Club Players Are Quitting?

Yes it is suck! I lost a lot of boosts and No I have to restart again…and their matching battles are not fair at all.

I was not aware of this Amber club… Thank you. I think I will join.

Hope you spend thousands of dollars on the game. :sunglasses:

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I think this will be one of those “Once bitten, twice shy” situations regarding boost refunding…even if I used boosts I don’t think a 50% loss is even an option for me…then again I am very stubborn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Its of the highest concern that the developers and the company are build up on democracy.

If a company want players to spend money they should offer good values and interested products. If a majority of players feel they are in to it, they would happily spend SOMETHING. This SOMETHING could be to look at an advertze, as many did in the beginning of 1.0 to get darts.

A player who spend 1 dollar could later become a player who spend 100 dollar.

A passionated player who start to spend 100 dollar, are hit by a swap-in-draco-rampage, maby stop playing the game.

I mean, players with high expectations are also customers sensitive to structural fails from the developers.

I have follow this forum from summer 2018. Always the same problems. Ludia lose tons of players after every update. They think more of a high profit in shorts terms, then steady money in long term. This make people upset, and quit.

The MAIN PROBLEMS is that the game itself takes LONG time to play (hunt, collect dna and coins) and the vision for the game is SHORT. This combinations between LONG time to play and SHORT time thinking is damaging the players.

Buy again, for real!

The majority of all workers who have 1 or sometimes 2 Jobs, are a ordinary parant or a young player in school, can’t afford to use 70 dollar for some useless boosts, dna or coins. This amount of money is 1 week food or a buscard for 1 month. I mean. Ludia is doomed to fail with this idea of pricing.

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You know I have been playing the same length of time as you have, and I’ve been active on this forum as long as you have too.

I’ve seen players quitting over things like a swap in DSR on an easy to get rat, and I’ve seen op dinos come and go too. I’ve seen boosts in all their guises and I’ve seen so much more, but I’m still here!

I enjoy the game so much more now than I ever have! I love the raids, I love collecting dinos, building them up and making them raid worthy. I love the discord banter, the coordinating and helping players achieve their goals.
For me the game deserves some money from me and I happily pay for packs I feel are worthy now. I get so much pleasure playing this game and it’s worth every penny I spend. I would hope anyone else who spends money on it feels the same way.

So I stand by what I say. I spend my money on what I enjoy, and I enjoy spending way too much time playing this game. But it provides me with a wonderful way to enjoy my time in retirement, and I hope that continues for many more years.


with the bait and switch tactics of balancing creatures that Ludia does, and the problems with boosts, i haven’t spent money on those things in a long time. Specifically boosts since boosts 2.0 dropped.
i would buy creature specific incubators if they were worth the price. I jsut can’t justify 10 bucks for 500 rare dna, let alone 50 for 200 (250?) legendary. I occasionally buy the trainer bundles since i firmly believe they are a good deal and i’m 99% of the time happy with the purchase. If ludia could rework the shop prices so that what you get is more justifiably worth the price, they’d probably see an increase in revenue from the occasional spender.


Thanks… You are so kind.

Yeah the game tries to capitalise on a players competitive nature to reach the top, but let’s say someone reaches the top, then what? The only direction from there is down =\

I hope the journey up was enjoyable for them coz that’s where the fun comes from, the journey not the destination.


I feel it’s not so much the competitive aspect that is killing players but that Ludia keeps changing the path to success.

I am sliding down the ranks due to everyone having max boosts up and me playing arena less and less. I stopped caring about rank even though I had yet to hit top 10 in any season. Mainly because it has 0 value in being top when all you had to show is anger and self-harm (high blood.pressure, heart conditions etc).

Raids are better than arena any day and had Ludia not made them quantity and not quality plus actually give equally good incs as arena, they would be a way to build the playerbase.

The game is dying because Ludia has gone soft and not actually consulted the stakeholders who keep the game alive. Coming to forums and reading the nerf posts by FTP or worse non-playing players to design updates is just wrong.

Ludia has improved in its reception of feedback and changes but it needs to ask the so-called Amber Club or what not for feedback not just scan the forums for ideas and blindly change.


Yeah the increase in options outside of PvP are what drew me back to the game recently, the raids and PvE elements and stuff, I’ve always been in support of a balanced system that can cater to a broad range of play styles.

I myself in recently months stopped giving opinions on balancing changes since it wouldn’t be credible as the game has changed pretty drastically since I had stopped playing, so my input wouldn’t be valid in most cases.

I agree about the anger stuff though, when I stopped I found my stress levels went down pretty far, I was actually shocked just how much of an impact a game can have on oneself if it has become more of a job than a game, and that is always a sign to take a break, though many of the things that I found stressing have been fixed, like rat not being able to one shot with swap in any more and such.

Now that I know what triggers me I avoid it, so I play drastically less and at a lower rating where imbalances are less noticeable, plus much more freedom in terms of the team make-up thats viable as opposed to the high arena Meta.

Oh and I don’t care about wins and losses and rating any more, it’s more about enjoying the match and using all the different creatures.

Remember people, play YOUR game, not Ludias game, I grew sick of the carrots anyway :wink:

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Agree 100%. If this game is causing anyone anger, stress, etc. they should take a break. I may start taking a break a couple of days a week.

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Yes and no. You need feedback from all players…not just top players or amber club members.

Top players are going to have feedback that only incentivizes their position (I.e. no boost reset for F2P players, matchmaking, etc.)

And F2P players are going to have feedback based on easier ability to climb the ranks (I.e nerf X Dino, eliminate boost refund, etc).

So in the case of the boost shuffle, I think this was done more as ‘cover’ for the obvious bait and switch Ludia got called out on with Maxima. They’ve been doing this for awhile (and is a reason I won’t spend additional money on this game except for VIP. FIP bundles just play into the bait and switch now).

I think this boost reset and a few a year are good for the health of the game. It also allows players to experiment and climb the ranks. But you need feedback from the entire community and balance the feedback accordingly to maintain the health of the game.


Exactly right about all opinions, if the devs were only listening to an echo chamber of opinions there would be no progression.

Debate and different ideas and opinions are what lead to change…but it’s on the devs to make sure their implementation of the change is positive and doesn’t cause more issues.

As I like to say “The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but it’s on the one doing the repairs not to go overboard with the grease!”

Look at what they have done in 2.0 to 2.2. I would say I am close to quitting over the sheer pandering to the squeaky wheels while ignoring actual quality changes to the game. It has become a game for those who care little about the game. Lots of raids, lots of fluff but little substance. Constant changing of the meta and creatures. I am tired of this.

Gimme something fun not cheap parlour tricks. Nothing in 2.2 has really made the game better than 1.14. Ludia went a good direction in 2.0 and 2.1 with arena changes then went full grease mode in 2.2.

Emotes are a joke. Arena is just no longer fun. Raids are getting overwhelming.

It’s not possible to please every single player so they need to find a balance somewhere in the middle that is workable.

I didn’t really see what went on during the patches you mention so don’t really have any context to comment on, but what would you like to see be done in the game? Like if you had ultimate power to make any changes and add anything to the game, what would they be?

Oh about when you said “gimme something fun” perhaps you are simply suffering from burnout? I had the same thing happen, though when it happened to me there was way less in the game, no campaign, no raids, no sanctuary and less strike towers.

Anyway my point is maybe if you haven’t taken a break before might consider it rather than risk quitting forever? I assume you play daily yeah? Even alternating days might help reinvigorate the game for you.

i play a lot. Raids are getting out of hand. So is arena. I think Ludia overdid the number of raids per day and week.

We have 12 Raids by the end of Nov.

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I think you are burnt out, especially if you are doing all raids.

I see the same sort of frustration coming out in a few of your posts regarding the game that were in my own posts, I see the signs.

If you look at the tone of my posts these days you will find them a lot less passive aggressive than when I was playing hardcore daily, it’s because I had become very irritable.

Maybe if you can play on alternate days, it really can help I can attest to that.

Now it’s true of you don’t play some days you will miss DNA and raids, but at the end of the day you yourself said the game is changing so fast in terms of dinosaurs that I don’t think it will have too much of an impact…I mean Lydia can just gut our teams anyway so😑

To quote Dr Alan Grant, " The game is changing fast and we are trying hard to keep up ".