How many trophies have you right now and which team are you using?

With this team(using this team for ages, never disappointed me, always leveled it up until lv 20 except Indoraptor) I’m bouncing around 4400-4600 cups.

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I just put myself into my deck as a mascot.:t_rex:


This is not only my current trophy count, but also my highest i’ve ever reached.

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4271 and camping till next week I’m lucky to be here

Been bouncing back and forth the last couple days. As high as 74, and as low as 127. If I could get Dio and Rajakylo up to par with the rest of my team, I’d be more consistent.

Rasing up from badlands as farming irritators to create Magnapyritator within 1 day to Jurassic Ruins. Now I’m currently learing where I fit in the food chain :wink:

Starting to motivate myself to get back into the arenas. This is where I’m currently at. Bouncing around 4900-4800s. Hoping to make my climb to the 200 mark.

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I dont combat a lot nowadays but here we go xd

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The only disappointment is the time required to get matched against someone…


Not bothered about ranking, would just like to try and stay above 4500 :grimacing:

image image


Playing a boring team just want to max whatever prize I can get to. Just squeaked into ranks. Screenshot_20181016-105217

Just got my new highscore!

Been thinking about replacing monostegotops to spinotasuchus.

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I keep changing my team because of winning and losing streaks and go between 3600-3800. I have finally seen some indoraptors (got my first kill last night). Indoraptor at L21 and the player level is 13?. Seems odd or maybe they just invested in the right direction.

Stopped grinding for DNA after tournament 1. Just doing park events as much as I can and catching nearby dinos. Doing battles just to fill up incubator slots.

Let’s see where my current team will take me forward.

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that team is awesome man, loving the giga and utahraptor. do you have uniques and choose not to use them? with this team

Been up to rank 30 but I don’t belong… had a good run is all. I’m right where I feel I should be right now judging by most of my matchupsimage

Floating between 4100-4200

I’m not really battling to get a spot right now, I’m just focusing more on hunting some Dinos at the moment.
My Battle record is 24 wins and 5 loses.


Not so odd… I have enough DNA to raise my Indominus Rex to level 20 and enough left to raise my Velociraptor to about level 19, and I’m level 12… Indoraptor seems way more accessible than many legendaries…