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How many trust points did you get?


The event is nearing the end, and I am curious as to how many trust points everyone has managed to collect. By the end of the event I will have 221.
Make sure to comment how many you have maned to collect.


534 at the moment. May consider resetting one more time before the event ends to completely deplete my runes. If I do I’ll be at 562 or 568 depending on luck.



I have a 2500 power 3star team. Didn’t use any runes to restart, couldn’t beat 3rd tier, so just first 2 tiers. Ended with ~25. I was not pursuing this in any meaningful way, but would’ve got more if I had a stronger team. My team is very weak currently.


215 no resets


I only reset once with runes so maybe in 3 more events i’ll be able to get her.


Final number came in.



I think you guys already know that I got light fury that mean already reached 1k. Lol


I’ve just got her/Me!


he just troll Ludia by editing image