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How much DNA for Monomimus


How much Gallimus DNA is required for the one fuse of Monomimus


Monomimus is Legendary, Galli common, so you need 500 Galli DNA for each fuse


Thanks! 20 characters uh huh


It took me 5000 the last time I did it. It’s basically 20 minomimus dna per fuse. Lucky I got that much last time during the weekly special event. You should focus exclusively on Galli in next 2 days during the event. You will never have enough!!


First dino I ran into for today’s event was a gallimimus and I was celebrating when I darted 200, until I realized I need 500 per fuse. Going to be a slow climb to level 17.


Just got mine to level 18 just need more but the weather is garbage In New York City :frowning:


Focusing is one thing…finding that dino is another


Too much to focus on just the one Dino. Just get velociraptor and Gallimimus. Otherwise it’s just too tedious