How much DNA to get Arctovasilas to level 30?

How much DNA do we need to fuse for a level 30 Arctovasilas ?

  • How much Arctodus?
  • How much Cervalces?

How long will it take?

Thanks :seedling:

As far as “how long will it take” well that depends on fuses, if you are flipping Moose and Bear or if you have enough bear based on hunting last month. How many more events we might have with those creatures featured. A LOT of factors go into that.


How like long will it take?

Hmm let me see.
From my calculations it looks like 12 years!


Editing for emphasis that this is a joke.


So this mening this player got 130.000 +130.000 DNA in a few weeks…??

Right after dino was introducerad…?

I got Arctovasilas to 30 the same day IDGT and PK did. 100% legitimately after we collected our rewards for Moose season. We’ve explained multiple times how we did it. Purchasing incubators, darting moose in events, fipping moose, and hunting bear when it was wild last month. And there were at least 2-3 others that got it to 30 that same day with several others that followed that week. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with this.


Mokesha it did take a ton of work. But like I said in the other post. Ludia gave out the dna to people 5 days before they released it into game. Even Pierre said this. Those Dino’s were in sanctuary’s immediately. Then Ludia sold over 200 items to fip some of those Dino’s before the release on map. Then even sold more items. For some we had the deer at fuse level and close to 20k dna before the deer was in the map. Then had 2 weeks of items sold every other day plus packs to stop pile it.
So maybe Ludia should rethink how they reward players for helping in creators ect. It’s not really the players fault or those in the few alliances who had members that got the hand out.


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It has been posted about a lot on the forums.
They formulated a plan, nailed it, and documented how it was done for all to see.
Don’t forget to give them props for a job well done.



Can we please stop these blind accusations? There are videos and clearly written explanations on how they got the bear step by step, session by session.
Out of all the people who got this bear to lvl 30 quickly, IDGT, PK, Pierre, and company are definitely legal and legit.
If you don’t want to understand or simply can’t accept it, that’s on you, but these people have legit proof, and even people at Ludia know this.


Believe me, you won’t want to know the answer :rofl:

You forgot FIP from sanctuaries. As PK has said multiple times, Apex had a level 20 sanctuary full of moose and there were a TON of sanctuary bundles in the store that we could use on moose. We hunted for the bear. I honestly can’t believe people are still bringing this up. We have proven it’s doable. Everyone else agrees it’s doable. Find something else to get hung up on.


Why do people waste so much time on this subject? If you don’t believe, report! It’s simple. New update, same hate.


Because it’s not a story. It’s fact and y’all seriously need to get over it. It’s been a month. And we weren’t the only 3 with bear at level 30 that quickly.


Good god dont people get tired of this.


Hi everyone, let’s keep things civil and on-topic please.


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Ok so you’ve named about 40k out 135k so remainder of roughly 95. Then we had plenty of incubators for sale containing dna so if you bought out all of those that’s a large large chunk. Then like you said sancs. Out of 6 FIP you get a little over 200 on a high level sanc. Take all the FIP sales combined with high level sancs and that 200 quickly turns into thousands a day.

I’m not saying it’s not a grind and insane dedication but i 100% know out of everyone you could name these three got there the honest way and don’t deserve their names accused of anything!


These 2 hunt like crazy. It’s darn reasonable


Hi everyone, please stay on topic of the original discussion/post as to not derail the thread. Thank you.