How much DNA to get Arctovasilas to level 30?

This is where I’m at. I hunted bears as much as I could, I am FIP’ing Deer and requesting Deer twice a day and Bears once as per my calculations right now with the amount of bears I have, I will get between 180 and 240 DNA toward Arctovasilis.

I’m not looking to get to level 30, I just want this for my collection and to play with now and then.


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I know one thing. I’m not making the Apex Bear anytime soon. I donated over 30k moose to my teammates. :blush:

Getting the bear to 30 is possible. It’s only 1k Apex DNA afterall. Just need to get lucky fuses.

Well said. It’s just come down to how important pixels are to you in your life. Spend the time and and plan a little and any one can do.

We like the phrase “hunt like mad”

I just want to ask this question for those who believe they didn’t get it legitimately: why are they not banned? As far as I know, they’re in the top, so everyone can see their accounts, why has Ludia not banned them yet?

Derailing topic/naming & shaming