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How much do you have?

So with a full summer (well I think for most summer is over or almost over) behind us, I ask the question, how much apex DNA did you get? I don’t expect everyone to know exactly how much they got but if you had apex’s going into the summer what I mean by summer is just June-First week of august. how much did you get? If you were working on an apex, how far did you get? Did you defeat a apex you never have or didn’t think you could? I would like to see were everyone got!!

I got hadros and ceramagnus over the summer and finally beat all the apex bosses once!
(Lvl 27 hadros) 65/150
(Lvl 26 ceramagnus) 5/100
95/300 mortem
70/300 hasst
65/300 hydraboa
55/300 refre
20/300 gorgotrbax
There’s what I got!

I’ve just
15 /300 Hast Maximus
90/300 ceramagnus

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I just unlocked them and stopped doing them. :man_shrugging:

Same here. Have unlocked the first 3 and then stopped to do the raids after i‘ve tried these very annyoing 3 round counter-attack raids. Really hard to just imagine something as boring as them :yawning_face:

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