How much do you rely on RNG/Luck?

Do you use luck as your main strategy?
Do you like taking 50/50 chances every battle?
Are your main dinosaurs also the most RNG dependent?

Personally I dislike critical hits, why? Because it subtracts from a game of skill. What gives you more satisfaction; beating an opponent by a skilfully employed strategy with a reliable team, or just lucking out another win with an OP dino/move or two? I’m not saying RNG reliant creatures can’t be used skilfully, I just think there is too much bias pushing us towards using the RNG-o-saurus of JWA (we know who you are I-Rex, indoraptor, monomimus). My concern is that it ‘deskills’ the game as a whole - any noob can press cloak/evade - and it simply reduces ‘competitive battling’ further towards the toss of a coin.

I usually only use evasive stance when I am one hit away from dying or if still have lots of health and all my good strikes are on cooldown and have only 1x dmg strike and evasive. But still most of time I rather do as much damage as possible and not use evasive.

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Yup, Same here

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I 3-0 someone last night in lockwood with indoraptor. Didnt like my other starter options so opened with it. They had stegodeus so you have to evasive or it will die. I think I was 5/6 on dodge that game.

I would have felt really bad had I not had dodge work about 80% against me since I got to lockwood. But still not really how games should be won and lost. Especially not up there.

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What other dinos you have in your team?

I believe there must be RNG moves in a game,BUT there MUST have minimum impact on the game.So strategy or a tactician player can have the biggest impact on it.No joy to win a match because you were in favor of RNG.


welp i just one shotted crit a full health level 23 indoraptor😁

I agree with what was said already. Evasive moves are about timing and knowing what you’re up against. They involve strategy in that way, but there’s definitely a big RNG factor after that. The playing field isn’t even level in this game since dinosaurs are upgraded to have better stats. At least with moves like evasive the algorithm is even across the board. If you want a game without competitive edges and RNG, play chess.

Side note, a battle arena where all dinos are leveled equally the way they are in friendly battles would be a great feature.

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Evasive or Dodge for me is acceptable. In martial arts, among the skills thought is to dodge attacks.
Cloak is a bit questionable - becoming invicible…? :thinking:
Worst in the arena is Hit and Run moves. Clearly not a gentlemen way; unless it is a life and death situation.
Sadly, some players seem to have been manipulating the move.
Hopefully the Dev will give serious consideration about this - nice to have a good counter or at the very least retain SS features.

Well, I just beat someone in battle who relies entirely on rng cos his/her dinos are I-Rex, I-Raptor & Monomimus (didn’t get to see the 4th dino). Nothing wrong there one can say but this fella/gal cloaks & put on evasive measures immediately even when he/she is faster. Every single dino.


My main strategy is to hope 3 things:

Get my green chicken
Get my stegodeus
Get my indorapter

Yes, I hope my indo dodges. I tend to use evasive early, because if i “only have to dodge once” I prefer giving myself more coin flips so that one time doesnt have to be the first time.

I also have indom and monomimus- I hate using either one. I hate the rng. I wish they were tryko and utarinex.

I prefer solid reliable options.


i think it just kind of messes things up and illegitimizes the leader board especially during the tournament. we are all essentially playing under different circumstances. You can lose because of a critical hit that your opponent did nothing to deserve. That doesn’t make them better than you, but the trophies awarded would still show that.

and games where each player has monomimus, indoraptor, IREX, stegoceratops, etc. literally every turn for each player involves an RNG dice roll, aside from the critical hit chance which is always present.

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sometimes evasive is a very strategic move. a lot of people bring in counter-attacking dinos to try to get you to essentially kill your own dino. so it lets you get your powerful move off delay, without taking a counter attack strike. i do this a lot when it’s indoraptor vs megalosuchus. but you are right, most of the time it is “noob”-ish


When I first got my Indoraptor I didn’t know how to use him and thought I had to use evasive immediately… ended up losing more than I won and learned real fast how iffy a 50% chance really is. However, it can also be good strategy when you bring him in at the right time… and that 50% chance is of course better than a certain loss.

I never count on crits, but hope for them with some dinos.

What’s funny, though, is that I often do better when I don’t get my A team (including Indo and I Rex) and have to rely more on strategy than luck.


i do get wrecked by RNG most of the time ( a level 16 monomimus dodged like 9 attacks in a row and the turn he didnt have evasion he killed my active dino. a stegod a trex and an irex was dead and i got 0/3 ed. but i am not against RNG. RNG is part of the life. real life events have RNG in them. you are battling dinos anything can happen. if you want a pure strategy game go play chess. it isnt even all strategy because who gets to go first. is it more likely to lose if you go second?. rng keeps the game interesting and gives both players their chances to win. yes it true that rng can sometimes be harsh on you because i believe the coding of this game for rng is rigged. i once created 30 dna for stegod 7 times in a row. right now if i am to create a valuable dna, i first create something of plenty like nodopota to see if my rng is good at that moment. also as i said i got 9 moves dodged in a row. but thats not RNG itself existing. its just rng being implied incorrectly. also the 9 dodges match: its not like i didnt have nullifiers in my 8 i have 2 but the rng again gave me neither so i was stuck swinging thin air around. do not go too harsh on rng. without it the game would be really boring . the implementation of the rng is a different topic and ludia might need to take a second look at it

I hate using cloak/evasive. But it is a huge part of the game. I usually only use it right before my dino dies. Really the only time I use it first is if I’m using my indom and a stegod pops up their shield and I will need that extra damage

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There is so many of these kind of players. Actually most who I face in pvp start with evasive. Almost no matter what dino I have. Sometimes even against nullify dino!

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I battled someone with those three plus the Big green chicken. They used evasive/cloak every time. Dodged 8 times on me. I would’ve won if not for the last dodge too. Hate teams like that, what’s the point.

this is why i have monomimus and, even though it’s not that good, monostegotops. would have 3 nullifiers if i could find some dimetrodons and get magna. wish there was one besides that worth using. it’s that important.

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magna is super cool butwhen the crit doesnt work :expressionless: