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How much does a T.Rex cost to get to 40?

I am trying to find out how much dna I would need to make an 40 T.Rex. Thanks!!

DNA costs for each creature can be found on the Spreadheet


Thank you!! @Andy_wan_kenobi

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approximately 20 000 dna since it is 2600 per copies.

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Thank you @Indominusrexgen2. I believe I gave enough dna to spare.:crossed_fingers:t2:

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are you going for indominus rex???

Also food might be an issue

10 rexys

DNA wise, it’ll cost 30,000 factor in fusion cost so between 30,100 and 30,900

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They fuse horribly and horribly long.

No, it’s 3750 DNA per copy actually.

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if you have none and need 8 it will cost 30k dna exactly

that is discluding the dna for the fusing