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How much erliko gen2 have you got?


How much of the rainbow chicken do you have?

I have 17k :smiley:

Also what other rare ingredients that has no hybrid are you holding?


i have 24732 DNA of Wherosauro and 61.000 Tany at leverl 15 :slight_smile:

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@CaptainNewbs, I have 12803 Erlikosaurus Gen 2 DNA.


I dont use it so it keeps on adding up. Maybe I should stop darting it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have roughly a dozen around this number

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A little over 11k of erliko 2, 38k Delta, 26k Charlie, but somehow only 4k Echo.



I have 26 000 something DNA or Wuhooosaurus. :sweat_smile:


13K of Erliko G2 … had over 40k Irritator G2 but all went to creating my L28 Suchotator


Nice Sucho butt. Lol
I’ve got over 60k IrriG2.

Not as much ErikloG2 as I’d like, but I don’t see them often.


I dont think I’ve said this before but I definitely like how you’ve become more then just a support person but an active member of the community. And I appreciate that.


Agreed. I have noticed this too. Very nice