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How much ferocity difference between 2 animals makes a lineup unbalanced?

For example:

1× Level 11+ Indominus Rex Gen 2
1× Level 11+ Indominus Rex
1× Level 11+ Rajastega
1× Level 20 Pterodactylus
1× Level 20 Prestosuchus
1× Level 30 Spinoraptor
1× Level 30 Brachiosaurus
5× Level 1 Tapejalocephalus
5× Level 1 Monostegotops
5× Level 10 Diplosuchus
1× Level 30 Carnoraptor
1× Level 40 Tyrannosaurus
1× Level 40 Diplotator
1× Level 40 Scaphognathus
1× Level 40 Shunosaurus
1× Level 40 Ichtyostega
1× Level 30 Tropeogopterus
1× Level 30 Ophiacomimus
1× Level 40 Suchomimus

Would such a team be unbalanced? If so, how would you fix it?


You might get mixed views on this but imho none of those creatures would cause an imbalance in your lineup.

An imbalance in lineup would mean having creatures around a ferocity of say 6 thousand that drops down to a group of creatures of around 3 thousand ferocity, because then your PvE will be based off of your 6k ferocity creatures and you will need to use 3k ferocity creatures to tackle these battles. (Or spend bucks on cooldowns for the 6k creatures which in this case would make the 3k ferocity creatures pretty useless from a PvE standpoint)

Also an imbalance would be a lack of certain classes aswell, although this can be combatted late game with creatures like indoraptor, segnosuchus and metriaphodon that have such a high attack class advantage is not necessarily needed in certain cases.

Just keep building on the depth of your roster and eventually youl have the backup there when the time comes to increase ferocity. :+1:

Personally I would bring trope and ophia to 40 cos at level 30 they’re mediocre at best, level 40 is great for tournament runs also so the dna will be a good long term investment.


Thank you! I really can’t decide if should I level up my Tropeogopterus and Ophiacomimus to level 40 or not though. In my experience, Ophiacomimus at level 30 has the bare minimum stats to work at Dominator league perfectly. You can surely make level 10 VIP’s (especially those who have evident stat distributions like Apatosaurus and Concavenator) work at Dominator league but they are not always bring guaranteed wins. Meanwhile I won 90 percent of the matches that I used my level 30 Ophiacomimus. If I want to get a level 40 one, I will have to spend about 30.000 DNA. For what? For Dominator wins? It can already do that at level 30! So I’m essentially spending 30.000 DNA only to extend it’s cooldown about 3 more hours! This maybe means slightly more guaranteed wins but also means 6 less matches in a tournament and that looks like an incredibly bad deal to me. Please convince me :D.

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No convincing needed, if you can make a level 30 work for you in dominator then more fool me lol.

I know from experience level 30 trope is pretty good dom material with stats very similar to a maxed legendary.

Everyone has their own play styles when it comes to tournaments though, my main go tos are pterosaurs and carnivores and rarely do I even touch my herbivores and amphibians besides for PvE now.

Also what’s your park level? Do you have access to any tournament level creatures? While the hatching time is atrocious they are very helpful long term with coin production, pve and tourney runs so I would advise adding a few of these around level 30 also. While herbivores like mono and ophia are great, they cant be used in legendary rarity rumble events so it’s a good idea to fill some of the class gaps with tournament legendaries.

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You aren’t unbalanced, but I would add more amphibians to your upper line up.

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how did you get so much sdna, I dont think its unbalanced, this precisely my plan too, and I have made a lot of research on it and it seem perfect

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This is my planned lineup :D. But I have nearly enough super DNA (besides Sarcosuchus), mainly from events and modded pvp grinding.

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I’m still waiting for the Gryposuchus tournament :D. İt would be a great addition.

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You might be waiting a while, how about ostaposaur? Keep a few at 20 they have good stats at that level

I also mainly use pterosaurs and carnivores. But only because I have more carnivores and pterosaurs, it is not a preference :D.

I’m level 62 and planning to raise a level 30 Brachiosaurus, a level 30 Ornithocheirus and a level 30 Albertosaurus for tournament creatures.

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I haven’t unlocked the Ostafrikasaurus and Microposaurus yet. I don’t have even a single copy of Microposaurus :D.

Edit: This is my current lineup. What I wrote above was my planned lineup.


I’m trying to get an another level 20 jurassic VIP but game just keeps giving me Brontotheriums and Hyaenodons :roll_eyes:

good lineup my guy

I agree, I use L30 Trop a lot as sort of super-fodder to store up actions, backed up by more ferocious Carnis and Pterosaurs, and I have 3 L30 Ophia which I usually use in 3rd place as attackers behind a meat-shield herbivore and a good amphi.

As you have Carnoraptor you could consider saving s-DNA for Dimetrocarnus. At L1 he fits neatly just above L40 T. Rex, so won’t cause a problem, and has a bit more attack. Then you can feed him up to where you really want him. At the moment my top one is L8 which is a bit below Indominus rex L20, a bit high for you yet but as you add more in you will be able to feed him up.

don’t you have microposaurus the most common amphibian in the game? :joy:

I have 44 XD


As a non vip it might be an idea to wait for a jurassic to come in circulation with the 20k packs, you can then purchase one and the next on a discount. Then once your happy with your jurassic lineup ideally I would continue purchasing the 10k packs as cenos and aquatics will come in handy.

CT apatosaur fossils each day for an extra boost of LP.

I’ve done that a lot, costs more but you guarantee yourself the VIP you want. Apatosaurus is next weeks dino - well worth having.


How :D. This is really not my experience. Actually I have every legendary but Microposaurus. Are you a pre-reshuffle player?

Since I don’t have even a single copy of Apatosaurus, I will wait for a Concavenator or Prestosuchus.

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yep but microposaur is in rotation and is also common in legendary pack events for me