How much food for spinoraptor lvl 31 to 40?

So I decided to go for spinotasuchus after all… Currently lvl 31 spinoraptor sitting ready in the 2nd fusion chamber. But then I got cold feet. :scream: I have traded away A LOT of food for LPs and DNA the last days. Spinoraptor lvl 31+ will make my life difficult, so I need to know how much food I need to get it to lvl 40 before taking him out of the fusion chamber.

Here it is, I didn’t count it but calculator can help :wink:


Thank you very much! Somewhere between 10 and 11 mill should be enough then (didn’t use a calculator). I will need to wait a little while then, because that’s the same as my current food… It’s like the game knows I’m going to need a lot of food, and then serving me tons of food to DNA and LP offers (which I have taken most of). So he will just sit there in the fusion chamber for now, relaxing, unknowing about his short future outside.

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You forgot some 000. :wink:
Sums up to around 11 Million.

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You are of course right. I’m editing it.

I did count it on calculator but I accidently erase all of it :woman_facepalming: but it was more than 9 million and less than 10 million.

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Chania, it’s almost sad to say, but: “Give me a break! Take some of my coins instead and give me some food.”