How much Hatzegopteryx DNA do you have?


I don’t even know what to do with this, or why I even still dart it.


L14 12461 / 2500 Getting bored now; maybe it will get a hybrid one day



In the epic battles. My level 20 einasuchus took out every bird for all 10 stages. Got a few stuns that got me lucky against the legendary at the end but it destroys them all… makes me not bother collecting DNA for them. What’s the point they are a useless add-on to the game


Too much to even post lol hopefully it will get a hybrid otherwise why is ludia pushing it on us?


I was excited for them but now I’m beginning to wonder why. I too only hope that they can make a hybrid one day.


They are not useless just because AI uses them incorrectly. Also a team of all birds would never work but having only alankyla and 7 other non birds in your team means you have a tragodistis that says all your dinos have instant invincibility


Can we have a Hatzego hybrid?:thinking:


We probley will get one…


How much Hatzegopteryx DNA do you have?

seemingly all of it.


Ahh… my Hazel…

19 and no idea how to use her… :hatching_chick:


And I thought I had leveled her more than anyone else :rofl::rofl::rofl:

lev 9 - 8.075 dna

But at least I woud try to break a spear (is this also a saying in English as well as it is in italian? :thinking: ) in favor of Ludia who put just ONE common bird in our collection, the other ones are rare and the two epics.

I will focus on Alanqa and her hybrid so that I can have a chance to put a bird in my deck.


Mine is at level 15, sitting on enough DNA to get her to 17 easily.


Far too much …


Can’t say I can translate that saying! What is the meaning?

But yea… hours shootin darts… maybe one day it’ll be worth it…

If a dino’s worth dartin’, it’s worth dartin’ right.


Maybe “argue in favor of Ludia”? or “speak in favor” of Ludia?

So I try to speak in favor of Ludia who put just ONE common bird in our collection.

Maybe now it make sense :sweat_smile:


“Give it your best shot”


Try as hard as you can basically?


Let me google and see :blush: I can’t quite get this one…


I think that ludia did well to put only one common dinosaur in our collections.

And I think I need to take additional lessons of Englis XD