How much have you spent so far?


For me personally:

1 month VIP £8.49

One time offers:
Level 3 (skipped)
Level 4 = £1.79
Level 5 = £4.59
Level 6 = £8.99
Level 7 = £18.49
Level 8 = £22.99

Total = £65.34 equivalent to $86.76

This is similar to a full priced Xbox One game, so I think I’m going to stop spending now and play as a free player.

What about you?


Level 4 limited thing €3
Showcase incubator €20

That will be all the money they ever get from me, unless they change something about their prices, I’m out.


I am VIP and took all the one time level up offers except for level 10 - though I did buy £47 case of cash so I could buy limited incubators and wished I hadn’t almost immediately!! So I have spent somewhere in the region of £130 and I have stopped paying now, the prices are just too high.


I have spent about £100, maybe a bit more. The price increases have me turned to a strictly free to play now. Over time it all adds up.

With so many good A+ games coming out I am going to prioritise them. Ludia has lost my respect. £47 for a dinosaur and American orientated events have pushed me.


American oriented events? I would say more like paid advertiser events. Walmart and amc both paid big bucks for you to go to there locations. Ive spent $77 on vip and level up


I’m level 6 and I have spent nothing, £46 for an incubator seems a little excessive for what it is and the monthly subscription doesn’t seem to be worth it, if they gave you more for the price they’re asking might be worth it


The AMC supply drop was worth a lot, it doesn’t matter if it was paid advertising. A lot of other country’s have cinemas, I am willing to bet Ludia didn’t even approach other companies. 100% of the events have only been aimed at the states.

The weekly events also occur at awkward times for other countries.

I don’t know if they plan to address it, but as it stands, there neglecting their player base outside of the states.


The weekly events occur 24/7 so I’m not really sure how that is akward for other countries. You basically ruined your argument with that


Just the VIP to support the devs in hopes they can build on this foundation. And a $1.99 pack that was ok. Canned the vip same day but it plays out for the month.


I have spent a little under $100 and now I’m done. Biggest purchase was the ‘one time offer’ between levels 7 & 8 for $49.99 and it disappointed me so much I haven’t spent a dime since. That ‘one time’ offer came back between 8 & 9, and let’s just say…once bitten. twice shy.


0 because I realize now after POGO that dumping a ton of money into a mobile game is pretty pointless when everybody stops playing it.


$0.00 Once the game becomes a boring grind, I’ll move on.

I can’t justify P2W games. I’d sooner just buy a game like this once and enjoy it instead of having it tap my wallet dry.


So far around £10. I would pay if the deals were much cheaper. Like people say £47 is an xbox game and so many become dissapointed


About £70 but i have had enough. Rip of especially when new super hybrids being released now.