How much is a indoraptors selling price

i know is quite the weird question, but i have 5281 v-s dna, so i plan to unlock the indoraptor, so i can unlock and buy 1 raptor and sell 2 raptor,(the amount i might have), then making boat load of dna, if the dna is worth it ofc.

You sell one for 40.000 DNA. Even if i heard someone that sells them for 1.000 SDNA

The problem is the indo is the most expensive super hybrid and has 2 that use the same SDNA.

So, while it helps now, it hurts more later.

I have 30k+ raptor SDNA, I plan to spend 26k of it all at once soon to get 12 Indo’s. You just have to decide what your long term game plan is and if doing this works with that.

I’ve been playing for just over a year.


I was actually thinking (not for indo) for superhybrids that you already have max, your sdna factory could essentially be an extra dna maker so for any additional copies of diplosuchus or dimetrocarnus could be a way to make lots of dna in the future.

Indoraptors are just too helpful to sell imo but you could do it for the lower superhybrids, I know dime sells for quite a lot of dna.

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