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How much legendary Dna did you get

Today was the day to catch either dilophoboa, Alloraptor, carbotoceratops.

How much Dna did you get?
  • Dilophoboa 1-50
  • Dilophoboa 51-100
  • Dilophoboa 101+
  • Alloraptor 1-50
  • Alloraptor 51-100
  • Alloraptor 100+
  • Carbotoceratops 1-50
  • Carbotoceratops 51-100
  • Carbotoceratops 101+

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I did carbotoceratops and got 161. Now I’m at 171 carbotoceratops Dna.

Can you also reply with how much Dna you got.

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I did Carbotoceratops too. I received 123 dna.

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I didn’t get any in range😭

I am so sorry for you

havent dart it

0 can’t login

Everyone is still having that issue

98 carbocera

138 alloraptor

185 on Alloraptor… damn, so close!

132 dna alloraptor

Wanted Allo none got in the close circle so I couldn’t dart

I got 201 alloraptor dna.

i got…, not even a single drop

81 DBoa, which isn’t too bad

none, since i don’t really bother darting events dinos

0 dna can’t log in