How much more dna from a level 20 sanctuary?

As the title asks.

We are in the process of building up sanctuaries, but it’s hard to get everyone on board.

So if a sanctuary gives on average 11 dna on an epic up to level 10, how much will be gained from a level 20?

Is there a chart available?

Thanks in advance

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Epics with all three items 19 DNA


@Schtemty hey we can help you on the ARK. as mentioned a level 20 sanc give 19 dna for all 3 items every 3 hours. 7 food, 5 interaction, 7 toy. The rare and common dna gives more of course.

We have charts and info within our alliances. Come join us and find an alliance on the ARK.

We build teams and we build knowledge on sanctuaries and other tips.

Alliance Resource Kommunity

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Hi @Schtemty

As others have said, a lot of the epics are a total of 19 but there are some anomalies such as Anky which is 18. The 7/5/7 food-interaction-toy is also not consistent across the epics, for example Smilo and Sino are 6/5/8.

What is really interesting is the point at which levelling up to 20 isn’t a big deal. For example Sino hits 6/5/8 at level 18 so you get the same DNA at 18 as you do at 20. And really for nearly every epic you are talking about 1 DNA difference between level 18 and 20.

Typically you see an increase in DNA gained from FIPing for epics at the 12 and 15 mark but again there are anomalies. If your alliance is struggling to get 20, then shoot for those bench marks.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone who replied :grinning:


And if you’re interested in rares, most give 54-55 DNA per FIP (Irri: 19/14/21; Argentino: 20/14/20; Spino g2: 21/14/20 etc. etc.) so just 4 FIP gets you over 200 rare DNA, which is a fuse in many cases. I can’t recall what commons give as we tend not to have them in our sancs but obviously it’s more.

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