How much RAM is required to play the game smoothly

I have an iPhone 6 with 1GB RAM. With the 1.7 update it ruined my gaming experience with constant crashes every other minute and reconnects and it goes on i’m sure you may have seen my big detailed report. Well 1.8 update came out and now the game lags so bad that i can’t even enjoy my experience. My drone launch and return screen takes forever. it takes forever to open supply drops. after they spin they have about a 3-4 second frozen look at it before going back to the map then the drops and dinos don’t appear for a few seconds. it is the most frustrating thing ever.

Anyways, I’ve done research and the iPhone 6S has double the RAM of the iPhone 6 it has 2GB RAM. i was scared to buy an iPhone 6S because i figured it is only one step up from the 6 so it will probably be crashing and doing the same stuff as the 6 is.

Is 2GB of RAM enough memory to play the game smoothly without crashing and lagging like it does on the iPhone 6? i’d like to know before i go out and spend the $200 on the phone JUST to play this game. Everything else i use my phone for works fine so this is beyond ridiculous that i’m even thinking of buying a new phone for this game. I for sure don’t have the money to spare.

  • iPhone 6 - Apple A8 - CPU: Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone; GPU: PowerVR GX6450, 1GB RAM
  • iPhone 6S - Apple A9, CPU: Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister; GPU: PowerVR GT7600, 2GB RAM

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Hello, I play with Motorola Moto G5 Plus (Snapdragon 625, 8 cores (2.0Ghz) and 2Gb RAM. Since the 1.8 update I am suffering from terrible lags, to the point of having to restart the game because it is impossible to continue playing?
Sorry for my English I only speak Spanish.


Same here Samsung S7 and the game is not running smoothly sometimes the map isn’t even loading

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I Play with a Samsung A7 2018, It has 4 gb RAM and the game is really smooth, had no lag or any kind of problem so far

So if you have less than 4gb ram the game is not playable?

I am sitting in the store about to buy my girlfriend a Samsung galaxy express 3 because it has 2gb ram then I was going to go to wal mart and buy myself an iPhone 6s with 2gb ram.

I should not do this because 2gb ram is not enough?

Why did you guys ruin this game for so many players with your 1.7 update making it unplayable for us poor people and our 1gb ram phone? @Ludia_Developers

Motorola e5 plus no issues 3 gig Ram 150 bucks

Confirmed. There is a supply drop delay for me as well. I use an iPad mini

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See you can be helpful and not rude. Thanks for the information. However I can’t switch my account from Apple because there’s no way to log in on a google phone. This still could help my girlfriend with her old Samsung. Thank you.

So 3gb ram is sufficient to run the game smoothly at least until we get new shiny objects to lag it in the next update?

Sorry rude not rude trust me I’m super polite on here compared to my daily environment (construction in NYC)

You link to face book. Then log in on droid. Then save \ link Google Play.

Talk to customer support here about migrating to droid from Apple.

I don’t have a Facebook account. I log in with my Apple ID Game Center which is like googles google play

My 2G RAM Android cellphone will become very lag after playing for 5~10 minutes…

That means I can’t even use a 20min scent, because I must reset the whole game several times during the scent working…


My 3GB RAM phone has also the problem.
@Phil if you’re going to buy new phone, buy something that has more than 2GB RAM.
I think that’s the good investment.


You have a 3gb ram that is giving you lags? So we need a 4gb ram phone to have the best experience?


I notice too that after so long I have to completely relaunch my app and it will run smoother. Still lags but not as bad of a lag.

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I run Pandora messenger and game at same time no problems no lag

Most lag issues above 2 GB RAM and proper processor speed are connection issues.

If your running 3 GB and have good connection close some programs and restart phone.

That Motorola phone you put a pic of. What’s what you use and you have no issues?

Yup. Unless my signal is not good no issues.
And it’s got a 5 mah battery.

Maybe it’s because I have many apps installed or I have little left in my 64GB internal memory.
One thing though I didn’t had any problem before 1.8…

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The phones memory as in hard drive space shouldn’t affect it. It’s the RAM memory not HD memory.

1.7 was bad but 1.8 is really bad. I thought 1.7 was bad until this. I didn’t think it could get worse.

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Was curious after this thread so checked:

My Moto G5 Plus has 4.00 GB RAM

Running 7.0, 2017 patch.

Storage: 17.35 GB used out of 64.0 GB.

It states the OS uses 10.29 GB

Internal shared: 7.06 GB

SD card: 6.56 GB of 59.54 GB used.

JWA: 625 MB storage

“54 MB avg memory used in last 3 hours” Have not had it open a lot this afternoon.

I am getting the lag and crashes. JWA is the only ‘open’ app, I am sure others are running in the background stealing anything about me they can.

EDIT: I am not getting crashes to the point of frustration, but the lag is bad after a short while of the game being open.

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