How much RAM is required to play the game smoothly

Game runs on my iPad mini2 and iPhone 5s (both with 1gb ram) horrible.

Game on my Galaxy S7 Edge with 8 core CPU and 4GB ram like my dinosaurs running from a Boosted Thor…fast!

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We have note 5. Think it has 4 gig of ram and it is laggy after last update. 2 iPhone 6 still basically unplayable. iPhone 7 runs good. No crashes. Note 9 is pretty fast but can tell 1.8 slowed it down some.

I much prefer Samsung as a phone but for gaming like this or pogo it just seems like iPhone is better to play the game on it terms of speed. As long as it is not a 6. Some of these androids seem to have more than enough ram but are still laggy.


Thanks guys. I’ve gotta find my girlfriend a phone for AT&T that’s a google phone handle work. Then I need to find an iPhone or figure out how to switch to google phone without having Facebook. So 2 phones that can run the game.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, and the game is very laggy


My wife has the new Samsung Note and hers is too

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Your wife has a new phone and it runs bad on there?

Sure does, even she was baffled. Its laggy, doesnt load the game half the time. Whatever is going on it is on Ludias end, not ours

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Wow that’s shocking. Did you see how much RAM is in that phone? Maybe it’s a newer phone with lower RAM for some reason?

I have Samsung note 5 and a new note 9 about 3 months old. No problems on the note 9. The note 5 is laggy.

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What’s the RAM on those 2 phones?

6 gig in note 9 and 4 in the note 5

I have nothing on this note 9. Only standard apps. Only Fitbit app and jwa downloaded.

May format note 5 and see if that helps

Whoa 6gb ram no wonder iPhone 6 runs like junk with 1gb ram

Yeah. I dont know how much iPhone 7 has but wifes runs better than note 5

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My wife’s has GB on the note 9 mentioned above. Mine has 4 GB on the s8 active


Sorry, 6 GB

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@Jorge can you get someone to help and support please? i’d like to get some new phones so i can play this game but i’m not trying to spend money i don’t have on some that aren’t going to work.

I need to know how much RAM is required to play the game because the compatibility list of phones is inaccurate. thanks.

LG G6 w/ 4GB RAM and at times it can start to stutter. Usually when I’m darting an Epic… :wink:

I’d say no less than 4GB at minimum.

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so i guess unlike John Hammond’s park, Ludia’s park is made for the super rich lol meaning if you are poor like me and can’t afford a new top of the line phone every year you can’t play the game. Can we have a “coupon day” lol

Not having enough space left on the phone absolutely 100% affects phone performance and even specifically the performance of JWA. It might now be the specific cause in their case, or the only cause, but I know without a doubt it DOES matter. I take a lot of video and when my internal storage is getting close to full the phone performance tanks and the game becomes unbearable to play because of lag. I offload the videos to my computer and voila, everything is good again.

I play on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (3 GB RAM) and the performance has gotten progressively worse as more and more updates have come out. I too have extremely long load times when going into and out of the drone and even spinning the supply drops. It’s really annoying and makes hunting take forever. A person with a phone without these issues could do twice the amount that I can in the same time.

That said, make sure that all forms of battery management are OFF for JW Alive, in the operating system of your phone and in the game itself. It makes it lag way too much and the GPS doesn’t work well.

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