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How much RAM needed to play JWA?

I feel my 4gb RAM mobile phone does not seem enough to play JWA properly. Currently using Samsung s8+. With android 9.0.

Opening supply drops, moving around on the map, having battles, trying to dart - they are all not smooth at all. Very jerky.

But is it my phone or is it just the game itself that is buggy?

RAM is not the issue, you only need about 1.5GB for a smooth experience.
It’s most likely other apps running in the background that give you problems.

Even with no other apps open the problem still persists.

Getting frustrated. Looking to change to newer phone by end of the year. My phone contract is ending next month.

It’s a reasonable “heavy” game, that requires a decent phone. S8 should be good enough though.
In general, even on slow phones, once a certain environment is loaded, it’s smooth. If you start a darting session, there should be no lag. If your map is loaded, it should be smooth. Unless you travel fast.
A new phone will definitely get you a smoother experiences, since it’s new and clean and probably faster, but don’t buy one with an insane amount of RAM just because of that since the game never uses more than 2GB or so.

Currently using a Galaxy A50 which runs everything smooth, but it could be a bit faster. It’s a budget phone though.
My previous Galaxy A5 2017 ran smooth too, but everything had to load very long. From the moment you press Launch until you’re back in a loaded map took 50-60 seconds. Now it’s more like 40-45.
Also had an iPhone 6S before, that ran the game really smooth. Just drained the battery in an hour.

Anyway, I really think you underestimate what might be running in the background. It’s a very common misconception that people think that if you don’t force close an app, it remains active. In fact, it just stays in memory, once memory is required it gets removed from memory. It doesn’t really “do” anything when it’s not in the foreground.
Every app, however, has a number of services. Things like calling to servers to check for messages, or having an open connection for push notifications, or other things. These services remain active even if you force close an app. Even worse, they restart when you force close an app, using resources and draining your phone.
My professional suggestion: Never force close any app, unless it’s malfunctioning. Let your phone handle memory management, it’s very good at it.

Thanks for the explanation Tielenaar. Appreciate it.

Will definitely not install so many of these unnecessary apps once I get my new phone. Hopefully that helps as well :blush:

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It’s not neccessary phones fault. Map refreshment lags the game. Also great density of drops and proximity spawn make game feel glitchy and on moments impossible to play properly. Experienced that in last month many times as I were passenger in on a highway. Hech, even proximity spawns in background glitches darting session. Also after map update game is even more sensitive about minor GPS signal changes.