How Much Space Will This Game Take Up?

I am very new to this game. I love it, however I am a little bit worried that I won’t be able to play it after a while. I have about 19 GB left on my device and I am working on deleting some files, but the game is already 2.2 GB. I don’t care how big the size is, as long as it’s still playable. I assume when I unlock new dinosaurs, more content will be downloaded. Roughly how much bigger will the file size get?

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Depends on your device. My game is 2.32GB without the cache which is another 2.2GB while running ( start will be slow if you delete the cache). Then there’s the RAM use which varries all the time.


That’s pretty good! Thank you!

I’m at 2.96GB. I’m at park level 99, but still have quite a few dinos to unlock.


As someone who owns every dino, I sit at 2.18 GB.


Wow, that’s very good! I’m at level 17 currently.

Wow, that’s very good! Thanks for letting me know.

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2.76 GB here and have a very expansive park and tons of creatures and this is how the storage is broken up:


Here’s my total, level 99 post reshuffle park and quite a lot of creatures unlocked.


my app has 2,33gb

about ram my tablet 2gb game is runing with crashing about every 7-10 minutes on old phone with 4 gb game crashed, but not too often + i recorded videos from, but that videos has a lags often

Actually now i have phone with 8 gb - and i stoped play on tablet as game runs smoothly there on 60 fps (even with video recording), an i had just one crash for a whole month

so i supposed optimum is somewhere on 6gb ram, 8gb ram and more ideal, Its first time for me to enjoy really smoothly run of game

(i dont count disconnection from the server, that happening sometime when you play on net, and that fps fall in randomly events, when you are selecting creatures, as it looks like global problem)


I have 8gb of ram too and my game is still lagging. I have loads of memory left and my game still lags. The biggest frame frop i have is when i go into dino roaster or shop. Did I am doing something wrong? My phone have the specifications for this game to run smoothly but its sill laggy.

well i am not it or something like that, just a common user but, there are many others factor than just RAM, like procesor, gpu, cpu, number core of procesor, frekvension, graphic chip etc, + i have new phone just one month which was released before a year ago.

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