How much time takes the support to respond

Hi, i send an email to to help me regain my lost account but had past two days until now
Did someone have the same problem ?
How much time had past until they respond ?
If will takes to much, i will lose upcoming events…

Once had a response in about 2 days. Depends on how busy they are i guess.

its Crazy still waiting… got a email saying that their waiting to review my ticket it’s Ridiculous !!just wanna be able to battle without game freezing or removing me. Just happened again. It’s 80% of the time but the funny thing is AI matches I never get booted… go figure

It’s been over a week now for me

Hey Armand, I can’t say for sure when our team will get back to you, but please rest assured that they’re working as quickly as possible to try and get back to everyone who needs help.

thanks @Thom