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How much u spent before getting light fury if paying monthly?

How much u spent before getting light fury if paying monthly ??

This depends on your team’s BP, because there’s no way to buy her outright (at least at this moment), so you can only put runes towards her restart costs.

You first have to see how many trust points you earn before a restart. Say you get 100. Now just do the math into how many days are left, let’s say three, or 72 hours.

To get 1000 points in 3 days you will need to restart over three time each day, and your rune cost will increase each restart (I can’t remember exactly how much it increases each time) Add in the cost of refilling your energy to keep up with earning those 100 points each time.

If the restart cost stayed at 150 runes (it doesn’t) that cost alone would be about 1500 runes. It would probably be closer to 3000 - 5000. And that’s only if you can earn 100 points each restart. You do get a 25 rune reward about half way through the quest chain, at the very least.

It’s a bit more cost effective to wait until you have a team with higher BP, that way you can earn as many trust points as possible while spending runes.