How much will you get today

I am curious as to others anticipation in today’s unique indoraptor one shot!

I hope at least 100. I have seen how hard this thing is to dart and there are going to be some folks around here upset at how this goes down I bet.

As long as I beat my previous score of 13 I’ll be happy. I’ll have that warm fuzzy sense of progress. :grin:


i hope atleast 50… my vip just expired out of all days and im not renewing it.

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Forget VIP I intend to get 10 feet from it to give the most time I can!

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Line up that first shot and get a bullseye and you will get at least the minimum for your level

Last time I got 21. Hope I’ll improve🤖,

Side note, if I get a call or text during this be prepared to see me on the local news :joy:


See, I didn’t know that back then. I think I was only lv 4.

Bring 2 phones! Put your regular phone in airplane and use the second phone to give a hotspot to your regular!

This seems worth it for dna in a game!

Of course this whole post is sarcasm :neutral_face::joy::neutral_face::joy:


Mine is 27/250, so everythings will be good, possibly not something like x1 o x2 :sweat_smile:

I posted a response to this meant to be humorous but got hidden! But here is a real one! Try and find a drop that has WiFi and put your phone in airplane

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Last time was 34 for me. I’m hoping for 100

Dang all these comments are making me think my hopes for 100 are too optimistic :joy:

Last time hit 21… Hoping to hit at least 40…

Hit 33 last time i am a good few levels better so hoping 40+

last time i hit 25 on Indoraptor. Still need 65 to unlock the damn thing. Seems that i live in an area where velociraptor is extinct.

I got 20 last time so I’m just hoping for an even number higher than that haha

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should be able to get more with vip.