How much worth is this?

I was checking out Ardontosaurus,and then I realised it is literally the same as Ardentismaxima , with Dentist having Slightly better stats,I am curious to know,is it worth going for Ardentismaxima,because Ardontosaurus is far more affordable,and it takes a lot of coins to level up a Brachiosaurus to level 20,and it will be tough to gather so much Brachiosaurus DNA for that Purpose,so how many of you prefer sticking to Ardontosaurus and leveling it? And how many prefer to grind much more for slightly better stats,I guess there will be those who will get Ardentismaxima only so that they can run it with Ardontosaurus and run 2 of the same dinosaur in the game legally.

Adentis has a bit of armor and higher crit chance, it does make a difference sometimes.

Keep working toward Ardentismaxima but if you get so much Ardontosautus, you can level that also. Geminititan is worth working for also.

Here are a couple teams I put together using both and usually guarantees a win when I get two of the three Sauropodas and tend to slaughter my opponents when I get all three.
My Team 20200110 My Team 20200312

You’ll eventually want to get Maxima. Ardonto will serve you well but Maxima has better stats in all categories.

But is it worth getting a Brachiosaurus so high only for slightly higher stats,maybe if you want to run 2 of the same creature in a team. @Earlidominus I am not so sure.

But those stats could determine whether you win or lose. The best example would be crit chance as there is no way to improve it since Ardonto doesn’t have extended critical strike. This is however your team so run it as you please