How nerfed is Monomimus?

I’m wondering if I should try to go for the Monomimus or keep on leveling my Monostegetops?

I always hate it when I meet a Monomimus and would like one myself, but not sure how good it really is anymore.

Still don’t like them they seem to dodge everything still

Still same old dodgestrich. But can take one less hit and one shottable by some dinosaurs. Now you need to rely more on cloak. I always preferred monosteg and he’s way better now

Monomimus HP was nerfed 6 levels. Its squishy.

I know my one is waiting for coin to lvl to 22. Its not making the team and its not worth the coin.

Yeah I stood at the same point and decided to go for Monomimus to get her for my collection.
But I soon realized that she‘s not so awesome anymore and I‘ll go for Monostegotops from now.

I use both, and i will keep my mono on my team coz he is my favorite. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

She ´s my favourite too.
But in 1.5 she cant beat other legendaries…she just became an epic or a rare in terms of power :sweat::sob::sob: