How non hybrid gen 3s could be added

These are some ways how we can see future gen 3s (without fusing)

  1. They’re basically just reskins like gen 2s
  2. Like in scorpius gen 3 they could get some extra body features added (prehistoric kingdom has something like that)
  3. As soon as we have a new canon version of a dinosaur in jp movies or tv shows that is different from the in game version we’re getting that Animal
  4. Gen 3s are based of the realistic versions of the dinosaurs (can only work with canon species though)
  5. Gen 3 will represent multiple species of the same animal. Some dinosaurs and cenozoic creatures have different species that are different in some shape. Like for example there are three species of the bovid Pelorovis that differ in shape of their horns (but there aren’t many animals that could work that way)

So here are some examples :
T rex gen 3 = t rex with some feathers
Dilophosaurus gen 3 = dilophosaurus without frills
Spinosaurus gen 3 = spinosaurus with a new sail and the newly discovered tail (there is a jwe mod that has the jp3 spinosaurus with an accurate design)
Monolophosaurus gen 3 = camp cretaceous monolophosaurus

New animals :

  1. Pachyrhinosaurus = p. Lakustai, pachyrhinosaurus gen 2 = p. Perotrum
    Pachyrhinosaurus gen 3 = p. Canadensis
  2. Ceratosaurus (jp3 ceratosaurus)
    Ceratosaurus gen 2 (ceratosaurus camp cretaceous skin)
    Ceratosaurus gen 3 (realistic ceratosaurus)
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This is a great idea, the gen 3s could even be legendaries like para lux

Yep. But i think we will get gen 3s for their missing rarities first. For example
T rex gen 3 = comon
Ankylosaurus gen 3 = rare
Dilophosaurus gen 3 = epic

Yea probably

Some could get legendary gen 3s but i think non hybrid legendaries are more for guest characters

T rex gen 3 legendary would be awesome tho, maybe killer instinct as one move and some resistances, it would be useable

Also we all know if they make gen 3 dilo it will be a copy of the epic mono

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T rex gen 4 (Rexy) - legendary