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How often are new dinosaurs and hybrids rolled out?

Ok so I’ve been playing about 2 months now and searched this forum but haven’t found an answer to my question. Thing is…I’m at a stage where I’m hunting creatures I can fuse into legendary and uniques…is there any real value in hunting a lot of the common crap that is absolutely useless to me? I still do it for the daily challenges (like direct hits, dart shots and DNA collection) and it can be useful if members of your Alliance need DNA and/or you need coin…but further than that is there a point to collecting seemingly ‘useless’ dino DNA? Should I collect it in the hopes that they’ll release new hybrids that I can create from what I already have?

Whats useless today may be the next dna your spending your days looking for tomorrow.

If theres one thing Ludia has shown its they like to make your regret not darting everything…

Prior to 1.5 dilo gen 2, trike gen 2, draco gen 2, lythronax, pursa gen 2, t rex gen 2, tenoto, tarbo, grypo… im sure i missed something. But all that dna at one time was considered useless.

1.4 gave purpose to mono gen 2, dime gen 2, dieno
Im missing some their… point is you should dart everything…if its a common and goes into a unique that amount of dna itll burn through is staggering… 20k of a common can be burned through in 10 fuses… might not even be enough to create. Thats not counting the dna required to level the common to 20.


See this is the kind of information I was looking for, thanks for this…I still won’t hunt ‘everything’ though, I sometimes get bored of darting the same crap all day everyday but I won’t go out of my way to ignore it either.

I cant tell you how many tenoto i have passed on… but i know its enough to have my tenoto at 20 atleast.

Well I have 56 dinos that I can upgrade but don’t cuz I’ll never use them…and as an example I have over 28000 Apatosaurus DNA that just sits there…hence my question of is there there any point to hunting it. lol

JWA 101… hunt everything you find and hit every supply/event drop you pass by.

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Yes. Dart everything, it could become valuable. And yes again, it just may always be absolutely worthless. Your Apato goes to a few nice hybrids so is useful to grab all you can.

It takes 346,750 DNA to get a common to level 30; 116,750 for a Rare. You can only store 200,000 common and 50,000 rare DNA.

Fusing uses 50 to 2,000 DNA per fuse that will result in an average of 22.2 DNA towards that hybrid. Some, you have to fuse two Dino, then use that fused DNA to fuse for a different hybrid.

Your Apato is one of those “super hybrid” material Dinos. You will use it to fuse one Dino, then used that fused DNA to fuse with another. If you decide to create anything with Apato, you are going to need a lot more of it.

Those top teams you see on the leaderboard took multiple hundreds of thousands of DNA to create. As well as coins, can’t forget about them!

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Same here. They used to pop up all the time near my house and I ignored them…

No worries I already do that last part, thing is I drive and play so stopping for every single dino is time consuming and a drain on my fuel tank so I skip a lot of crap I don’t care for.

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Ah thanks for this, I was wondering about the math on the averages of fusing, glad someone did the work. I don’t worry about coins really, at least not at this stage because I have 1.6mil and that number is constantly on the rise seeing as how I don’t level and fuse everything…only the ones I see myself using in the long run. The info on storing DNA is interesting too though I don’t see myself hitting those limits any time soon.

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What popped up near your house?

Either way if I’m honest I ignore all flyers cuz for the most part they’re not really good at all…they really need to buff the birds.

Tenonto used to pop up all the time. I’m guessing before they moved zones bc I live in L1. But after a lot of painstaking hunting and help from alliance, I made Tentorex and got it to 22 today.

I think I will answer you with my experience. There were three creatures that gave me a little “disgust” and did not collect:

The tarbosauro because they have put an absurd movement that makes it the creature that more darts diverted makes it perform, even more than some epic.

The Dracorex gene 2 and the dilophosaurus gene 2 because I always thought that they were other creatures and when I saw that it was not, I was disappointed.

Well now I’m going crazy for chasing these three creatures !!

I don’t care for Dracorex really, that swap in strategy is very annoying…but I don’t begrudge it being in the game though. I hunt both the others you speak of, Dilophosaurus is very scarce for me though, my tarb is lvl 19 so almost there…

Well, I collect the Dracorex gen 2 not to use it with that absurd change that I imagine will soon be nerfed. I collect it because the Dracoceratops is a good legendary that I do not use either but, since it is not superhybrid, it is possible someday to have a unique hybrid that can be very strong.