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How often do dinosaurs get moved from event only to spawns?

I see some dinosaur dna is event only (tentonto, wooly rhino etc). How often are they switched? I’m guessing event only dinosaurs are made regular spawns and some spawns are switched to event only?

It doesnt happen often. The only time I remember them swapping around event exclusives to normal spawns and vice versa was in 2.0. And even then not all event exclusives were swapped.

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And at the same time, Maxima became harder to get because Brachio became Event only… So it’s never a good news when Ludia decide to shake things up :slight_smile:

Thankfully they don’t do it often could u imagane tenonto being local or something, seriusly people already complain about thor, and thor a actualy looses to most creatures it should counter. The only reason it gets complained about is cuz its so easy to make and can easily get lvld.(and IC has a part of the problem but not the entire thing) Execlsuive component stuff like tenrex are very strong just at their base, they can win even at lower lvls if played right.(i mean like 2 or even 3 not much more then that)

Seriusly just imagane aviary full of 27 maximas, gems, rhinos, tenrexes…

starting to see lv 26 tenrexes in aviary actually. they’re pretty good boosted, but not unbeatable. unboosted they’re kinda trash. already thinking of replacing my own. tho i’m not sure with what.