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How often do people face the dreaded "arena dropper!"?

Really, how often does it happen? The way it seems on the forums people are getting smashed left and right every battle by the dreaded “dropper”.

What are people’s experiences? How often do you earn trophies from someone on their way down? I’m sure that doesn’t bother anyone, does it?

During the tournament last week I faced several people who were hovering around 4700 to get easy incs. These teams were all lvl 30 or so and very easily in top 500. I played 2 of them when they were “dropping” and played at least 1 or 2 a day with their “big” team. Not as bad as someone who goes to badlands to beat up on people, but it is happening.

It’s especially frustrating when I matched with them when I was already on a losing streak and just wanted to fill incubators.

Mainly during tournaments but it does happen frequently outside of that.

went from 4437 to 4039 today because of higher level dinos.

It actually annoys me when I battle people on their way down, because I know I’m just going to face them again on their way up and get stomped on. So those trophies I got when they dropped are pointless.

Last Wednesday I faced a total of eight different droppers, three on their way up, three going down. I faced two twice. I only won the matches where they were dropping, as I said before though, those trophies I gained mean nothing if they beat the tar out of me with lvl 28-30’s and I’m sitting over here with an average team lvl of 23. I dropped from 4620 to 4130 last week due to droppers and terrible rng. I officially gave up trying.

I deal it simply.
I wait for 1.7

I face waaay more on their way back up then on the way down… Though it’s not always clear if it’s a dropper or just a noob who can’t be better with such higher level dinos…

I face a low level team dropping, like, once or twice a week… But higher level teams? Almost every day, normally. Almost every hour during tournaments.

I think people think that of me to be honest… I’ve never purposefully dropped- Don’t panic!

My level 19s’ get people saying ‘how are you only in badlands! You should be next arena!!’ For me to reply, ‘I levelled my creatures and got some pretty op ones. And kept leveling them, not often battling.’
I’m on a mission to 2500!