How often do you get 12/24h incubators


I’ve not had anything better than an 8h incubator in the last 5 days… How often do you guys get 12 or 24h incubators ?


For almost 4 weeks I’ve got 3 times 12h and once 24h


I just got a 24 hr this morning, but the last time I got one was weeks ago when I was a mere level 4-5. Now I’m an 8 and get typically 3,12 and 15 min ones


I usually get one of either of those every 2 days or so. Mostly I get 3hr & 8hr ones. I also get 15 min ones every few days.


I get 8h every day, would just be nice to get a few more regular better incubators, especially if you’re a VIP


I’ve only got 1 of the 24 hour ones but each time I go up an arena my first win has been a 12 hour incubator.


Every week I get the 24h but I think it depends on where you live.


Started last week and had 3x 12h and no 24h so far … still waiting for my first 24h one.


I have never got a 24 hour and I have got a 12 hour once in arena 1 (I am arena 3).


Wait a minute…there’s a 24 hour incubator?!


If you guys look up GoShinyhunter on you tube he did a break down of the incubators and he gives rough percentages of them obviously the game is young and data is lacking but it’s a start. So approximately every 110 pvp wins you should get 1 24 hour incubator.


How do you know when you’re playing a PvP and not a bot?


But you speed them up with cash, right?


No, what’s the point


I meant @SSSSSSNAKE who claims to get an epic incubator like once a week. I believe the only way to achieve that is by speeding them up :sob:


I’ve been consistently playing the game for almost a month, and the best I’ve ever gotten was one twelve hour incubator. I’ve never gotten any of the ones that take a whole day. Eight hour incubators seem rather common for me, though.


I never got any 24h incubator.Once I got the 12h incubator when I was in lvl 3.


been playing since april and just got my 3rd 24hr incubator today. id say 12 hour are maybe 2-3x more common, so every couple of weeks.


I get the 24h Incubator every two weeks. Roughly.
The 12 hours incubators are a little more likely to get but not by much.
I got so far 4x 12h incubators and 3x 24h incubators.
I like the 24h incubators so much :weary::ok_hand:


There is a whole article on this in meta hub: