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How often do you mix up your squad?


Or do you? One of my biggest complaints about the arena is how stale it gets over about 5200 or so. I seem to face the same things over and over (CHOMP crit… repeat. Yuck). I have leveled my team based on what I find, what I like, and variety. I like having options, rather than putting all my resources into 5 or 6 dinos and leaving everything else behind. Anyone else like to mix things up rather than try and cling to the highest trophy count they can with all the usual suspects?


I’ve debated it recently. Dropped a bunch of trophies (not on purpose), but I really don’t like my team right now so I might play with it a little so the arena isn’t so frustrating. I have a lot of options, but some are a little low level for where I am and I would love to play with more of a variety. Especially thinking about running a dedicated hit and run team.


Where Im struggling is there are a number of dinos I WANT to play but thet simply dont provide the competitive punch you require. I have thought several times about putting together a “what I WANT to play” team and letting myself fall as far as necessary to play it… But then a tournament starts…


I’m pretty low in trophies. I would like to think it is because I am leveling up a variety of creatures. I love the dinosaurs that I have on my team. The problem is that they are not easy for me to level up. I do change my team around a little bit… when I unlock a new dinosaur or when I level one to an appropriate level for my team.
I’m not ecstatic with my trophy count, but I am happy with my players! I have fun playing.


Love it! That’s the whole point! I was fairly rank obsessed for a while, but not any more. Fun - that’s what I’m after. :smiley:


Why don’t you have Gigaspikasaur? She’s my new favorite.

You probably do have her, she is just not leveled high enough for me to see her?

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I REALLY want to, but I keep hoping for a unique sauropod, so hesitant to invest coin and DNA. :confused:

Edit: Then again, giga is already a super-hybrid… Hmm…


I’m slowly but surely ending up with the same 8 that everyone has which will get boring in time. Hoping to see how far I can get before pulling the plug and playing for fun like I used to do. I miss being able to have the variety to choose from without caring about trophies.


I’m heading in that direction for sure. We participated in the draft tournament that Apex put on and I fell in love with my draft team. I would love to level all of those and play with them because I had a blast with it.


I play more friendlies than arena these days, so tweaking my team happens a lot. I find my team is usually just made up of “whatever dna I happen to get” but I’ve found there are some conscious choices I’ve made (putting sino toward Thor and not Rinex) and I’ve recently decided to level up gigaspika in place of stegodeus (which sucks, because stegod is one of my higher levels)

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@Jonus, I love my Yoshi! I took both Stegodeus and Tragodistis off of my team. I was sad a little bit, but I had too many tanks. Yoshi is kinda a tank, right?

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Play without dracoceratops if you want a different feel. I usually rotate between 3 different dinos and like your self have removed stegodeus off my team. It’s a lot more fun experimenting and seeing what still works .

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Are you referring to giga as Yoshi? I’ve heard proceratomimus called that, too. I’m thinking a nickname along the lines of “turkey” because of that neck wobbly.

I only just created it for our draft tournament (I picked it before I created it :crazy_face:) and I feel like now that stegodeus doesn’t have APR, giga is the better tank. Counter attack, shorter cooldown on decelerating impact, faster, more armour… only trade off being it doesn’t also have SS, but lockdown has its uses too.

Just got mine to 20 tonight, and since stegos are park spawns now, I feel giga is going to be easier to fuse than stegodeus too.

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I don’t change mine about. I have the team that I am happy with and I stick to it. I use it for strike towers regardless of rarity and the Arena alike.

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Yes, Giga is my Yoshi. I can take her for a ride for sure! I’m cool with her gobbler. :smirk:
The other Yoshi is one of them there spermbirds… (because of the evasive arrow)

I use her first on strike towers and really most battles that she shows up for.


I change team up once or twice a week if you mean add or remove a few Dino’s. If you mean over haul then once every couple of weeks.

But there are some Dino’s I use that I don’t get tired of so they stay more permanent like

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Never I’m F2P and only have coins for one team especially when you’ve gotta replace the nerfed dinos


But the nerfing and buffing of Dino’s is a good reason to get as many Dino’s up to team level as possible.

My dracoceratops was level 18 Pre buff. When buff hit he was ready to roll.

My Draco gen 2 same thing.

My braciosaurus was at team level so when he got his buff and turned all beast mode he was in.

When the bleeding flyers got nerfed it was no prob to pull them out and swap in an already loaded ready to use dino


I find the same dinos in the mid to high tier i am the same with pritty much the same dinos as them of the top ranks minus 2 as i haven’t unlocked them yet but as i do they will be in the team for sure

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No, that’s bad logic.
By all means collect DNA, but save your coins. If you choose to use something (due to nerf, buff or other) then drop the coins on it.