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How often do you play arena?

Just feeling that I am not getting attacked often enough to stay with players nearly as strong as me. I now often get matched players about 500 bp stronger than me, sometimes it can be 1500, with dragons in defense team all well chosen. I have to reroll a lot to find someone I can possibly defeat. Therefore a lot of arena energies are wasted because I surely wouldn’t easily waste them on enemies I can’t defeat and end my win streak, especially now during Dreadfall events. Do most players just leave their best defense team there and don’t attack much?

I think the players that play the most are the ones that have a weak team and feast off the revenges. You don’t get trophies fast, but you can keep a win streak easier and go through the duty quests

I don’t really do arena battles since I don’t really like the amount of medals given at the end of one match. I think the medals are just as hard (if not harder) for me to get trust points for any dragon.


There’s another thing, now it’s supposedly more easy to earn trophies from attacks instead of defense, defense teams now tend to lose more than they earn. When defense team can’t get me more trophies and I always get matched against those with nearly 1000 more bp, I am losing faith in climbing up. Does anyone else have similar problems?

I had a similar problem when I attacked a player who had only one dragon on defense, and it nearly took out my entire team of dragons. That is NOT okay.

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I am a daily visitor in the arena, trying to understand the whole system behind it.

Playing since the beginning of this year, so far I understand that the amount of trophies decide the offered contestants. But thats about it.

I apologize in advance if this post reads partly as whinging or complaining. Since I cannot speak one cannot hear that this seems as a matter of fact to me.

My current attack team is formed like this:
957 (3*) Blazing Phoenixfire
944 (3*) Gloomleer
915 (3*) Driftcleaver
898 (3*) Trügrit (I REALLY love the German Name Ächtermümm)
787 (3*) Tuffnut Junior (this just replaced my 771 2*-Anveil)

So this team makes up 4501 in strength.

My defense team is supported by my Anveil and sums up to 4312 in total.

A friend of mine playing the game since the first day stated that this is a nice team considering playing for about 4 to 5 weeks.

I have learned by experience this numbers are not absolute values. You can get smashed easily by 2thousandsomething teams with up to 3 dragons - if the team is setup right.

When I check the arena rarely I see defense teams lower than 5500 - which is still far stronger than mine. Sometimes I do not bother about the streak and go attacking these teams no matter if they smash mine or not.

Yes the one or the other battle has been won - with a handful of trophies. I well know I am putting myself out this way as bait for the stronger player for revenge. Which picks up well over 100 trophies from me.

Bravery seems not to be honoured so far.

I can well wait until others have taken so many trophies from me that I can see teams well under my level for regaining trophies and keep the arena level (copper II).

Slaughtering weak teams does not seem to be a heroic action, to me at least it doesn’t. I rather consider it frustrating.

Generally it is not really motivating to get only teams offered I know I will wiped away within a few rounds.

I do not know if the last update on the Arena takes some more time to have effect (and no, my second name is definitley not Patience) for a more fair pairing of contestants or not.

I also apologize for any spelling and grammar errors in this text, my native language is German, not English. :innocent:


After the last update wining in a arena seems to be a miracle??? Why after every update is getting worse then improving??? Fix this stupid arena…


Have to totally agree. Around 4-5k rating it’s like playing bumper cars. And the most infuriating thing is that there are 2 Dragons that make it utter unfun to play at all.
Murmurquil and Sawmaw are more prevelant than ever and while always kicking in my teeth unless I get a lucky cascade, they seem to be rotal garbage when being my defense team.
Then there are still multiple cases of hackers and some that still look ridiculous lucky for beating my team.
Can we get murmur and saw either balanced or just strait up banned from arena?
These two are the definition of toxicity.


The last patch has made the arena once more the most frustrating experience possible. In the ranks closely following the top 200 you play bumper cars with constant Jojo effect of win and loss back to back without ever getting higher.
Your defense team loses to enemy teams that are 2000 points weaker, you get less trophies from a revenge then what you lost, while on your attacks the board screws you over in such ways that you can’t even beat an enemy team that ist 500 points + below yours.
It would be really nice if some actual balance would be applied and maybe just maybe something done about the two truly OP dragons who’s abilitys far outrank any other dragon in the game.

If your defense team is losing to those with 2000 less bp while you can’t beat those defense team with 500 less bp, maybe you should try to find out why it isn’t the other way around instead of complaining. There are times you get unlucky but there are times you are lucky. You can’t win all the time.

I currently struggle with Bombwelters in defenseteams.

Its starts well below.

With my teamstrength of just over 4800 I best keep me in beteween 1500 and 1700 trophies - hardly any 6k+ contestants and easy wins. Trophylosses by attacks do not harm my winning strike.

Been wasting a few hundred runes yesterday to be beaten. I knew what I was doing attacking defense teams well over 5500.

I put that as experience into the records.

Edit after a few minutes of thinking about it: To me it seems pointless wasting runes (and by this money) on Arena-Energy. As soon as I reach over 2000 Trophies I meet these 6k+ defense teams.

It has nothing to do with luck if it is the same two low level players multiple times per day. That is called cheating.

I am at much lower rank but from my experience it’s normally quite easy to take down enemies with 1000 more bp, sometimes if luck is on my side I can take down enemies with 2000 more bp. From what you’ve said I don’t see any sign of cheating.