How often do you see this?

I swear I have seen this 3 to 4 times a day for the last week. Anyone else? What’s up?


I see it every time the game randomly disconnects. So at least 10 times a day. Its very annoying. It happens a lot after i dart something and i don’t know if i even get the DNA from it.


Ahh, so likely meaningless. Figures. Was hoping maybe they’re tweaking the arena.

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Its already in the next update under the known issues category.

I get that three or four times a day. Often when I move into range of wifi and it has trouble switching between phone signal and wifi.

What phones do you guys have? I don’t have this issue so I was wondering why it happens to some but not others.

We have Samsung and iPhone. Happens whenever you’re in a weak signal zone or wifi to dats or vice versa. It used to give a disconnect error One of the new features added this update is the second screen about needing an update.


Sometimes like 3 times in 10 minutes. Other times a few times throughout the day. I just experienced it a lot over the last 2 hours playing. Very frustrating.

This has nothing to do with the game being updated.
The message is just plain wrong and should say something like:
“JWA has lost the connection to the server and now finds it necessary to reload completely for absolutely no reason. Please tap OK to continue and cancel to just ignore this message.”

(the cancel button grayed out)

Hey everyone, I’ve asked our team about this. The message pops up now when there has been some recent changes/updates to the game, and a reboot is required to enable these changes.

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@Ned I’m sorry to say, Ned, but I highly doubt that your team is putting out changes and mini updates several times a day… this happens almost everytime that we lose a bit of signal or go from wifi to data and vice versa…
before we would just press “reconnect” and it would do just that, reconnect… now after we press reconnect, that shows up and the game reloads.

Please check with them again because it seems like it is a bug and something that should not be happening.


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This happens to me too but I noticed I did get the dna still

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