How often to arena specific dinos drop?

I dropped down to arena 7 to 3 bc i need the Kentro DNA for a unique. But after two days I haven’t gotten any. Is this normal?

It doesn’t work like that. Once you get to an arena that Dino is unlocked and added to the dna pool for you to pull from

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Aw man really? I just wasted 2 days of my life leveling down for nothing? Lol nice

not for nothing! in the process, you probably wasted days of other people’s lives too!


Not wasted. I helped many people get incubators from free wins lol


you are the most selfless tanker i’ve ever met.

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No it does work like this. If you drop to a1, you’ll only get anky and Alan. At 3 you have a more diverse pool (but more per incubator). Your 8 hours will give you some Kentro soon, but you also have the chance of ourano, anky and guarantee 13x Alan, iirc. But honestly it’s going to be very slow to build unless you’re going to pay hard cash to fast open Inc’s.

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So I will get him eventually. Maybe I will stick around until there is event for one comes around

Lookup the incubator pattern and figure out where you are so you can ensure you get the epic in the right arena. It’s probably your best bet to get the most from your drop.

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Not not too far away but I need that epic to get any further
I need more uniques

I would suggest changing your team up for arena 3… You’re going to get slaughtered!

Also note you get less from your incubators gained in lower arenas.

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